Friday, October 20, 2017

Berlin Doner - Best Kebab in Jakarta, Possibly?

The growth of salted egg or even cheesecake in Jakarta is pretty significant nowadays. We almost forgot that kebab was ever existed and gain its popularity back 3-4 years ago. I am a 'kebab kind of guy' who love to travel for kebab all around the world. Knowing in Jakarta, we've got fewer options for kebab; I always move to neighborhood country to have this menu (even in Singapore, they got more options due to melting pot country). But, it doesn't happen now after I found this.

Berlin Doner is one of the most delicious kebab destination in town. Originally from German, this international brand has won foodie's heart recently. What captures me and other foodie's attention is the massive presentation of their menu plus they served a REAL FETA CHEESE. As you know, feta cheese is a lot in Singapore, but not in Jakarta. Only a few fancy places that served feta cheese, not like Berlin Donner who are humble enough to sell it at pretty affordable prices. This place is a hidden gem, guys! :)

Strategically located at Plaza Kuningan, Berlin Doner own a small food stall at the centre. Once you stepped inside the venue, you might be greeted by the humble owner and his staff there. Personally, I do impress with their quality of service which is warm and fast. If the location is not even close to your home, better order their menus via Go-Food or Grab Food instead. Same quality, same price. Nothing change when you order it online.

Starts with the crowd pleaser menu called Pita Falafel. The beautiful combination between falafel (crispy balls of grounded chickpeas & fava beans) and fluffy pitta bread is just impressive. Once you bite it, you can feel how the crunchiness at first followed by the freshness as well. Just ask for more mayo and chili sauce for the best experience. Honestly, I can eat this two at the same moment. How about you? :)

The Durum is another artistic rendition from Berlin Doner. In the beginning, they pick the long and thin pita bread to get stuffed with grounded vegetables and meat. Then, finished with a touch of mayo.  It is just okay from my perspective, but from my mom and EatandStructure team perspective they score this 9/10. Does it means valuable? Completely, yes.

The Berlin Doner is No.1 Greek food in Jakarta. It is the most fulfilling menu either for snack or lunch! In fact, I love this a lot. As you can see, this item comes in a huge and heavy presentation like no other. Usually, I prefer light food instead of heavy food. But then, it's pretty difficult to resist this. The hearty combination of Tavuk (chicken Doner meat), coleslaw, pita bread, fresh onions, and hot sauce is just melts in your mouth. Just ask for extra mayo for the best experience. Definitely yum! :)

Overall, Berlin Doner is outstanding. I do love how they take this business seriously by using the most authentic ingredients to make their kebab. All menu taste as good as it looks and pretty satisfying. But, if I can choose one, I will choose the Pita Falafel since I am a big fan of falafel since I was a child. I thought my Greek food craving has been covered now. Thanks Berlin Doner! :)

Berlin Doner
Plaza Festival Kuningan, Jakarta
Nearest area: Kuningan, Casablanca, Setiabudi
RSVP: 0822 11 88 3715
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)
Instagram: @berlindonner_id

Snapchat: AaronHandajani