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Jumbo Restaurant – The Nostalgic Charm of Singapore Chilli Crab

 Jumbo Restaurant

Looking for an exquisite pan of Singapore Chilli Crab? Then you should come to its pioneer in Jumbo Restaurant. Since each menu made fresh upon order and using fresh ingredients only, no wonder if it comes in strong aroma and moderate fare. Established for more than a decade, this venue is not faded away, but it just settles enough and keeps on expanding. Just dine in and savor the famous seafood and local menu in fantastic plating.

 Jumbo Restaurant
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Nestled within the Clarke Quay area, Jumbo Restaurant is a gem among hundreds of bar and restaurant there. Stepped inside the restaurant, diners can expect for elegant table settings with two-story dining area. Surrounded by panoramic river view and sparkling flashlight at night, this venue offers you a warmth and comforting atmosphere all the time. Knowing they are capable of handling 500 people and more each day, it does not mean the queue has been reduced. We strongly recommend you to reserved your seat instead of direct visitation.

 Bacon Wrap Seafood

If you are a meat fanatic, this Seafood Bacon Roll in Salad Cream (S$ 25.00 / Small) is absolute must try. The layer of the juiciness of bacon works well with that succulent seafood and fresh veggies results in delicious taste in your mouth. Since it comes in petite portion, do ask for a bigger size if you come with big amounts of people. 

 Seaweed Tofu

The Seaweed Tofu (S$ 25.00 / Small) is also incredible. It is simple, fresh and soft. We love the intensity of that sauce together with an additional fresh mushroom on top. Just paired this with steam rice for the best experience. A small portion is enough.

 Singapore Chilli Crab

 Singapore Chilli Crab

The only menu that makes people come for more than once. Singapore Chilli Crab (Seasonal Price) offer you a perfectly cooked crab meat bathed in rich chili crab sauce then layered with egg and more spices. Whenever you dig in, you will see fragrant that sauce with a hint of pulled crab meat since it is so tender and juicy. Do served this with fried mantao for Singapore style dining or steam rice also possible. If you find yourself addicted to that sauce, they also sell it separately for around S$ 8. 50 per pack. Kindly ask the staff for more assistance.

Mee Goreng

 Mee Goreng

We definitely love this Mee Goreng (S$ 25.00 / Small) as it tastes brilliant as it looks. Featuring the ultra-springy noodle cooked together with succulent prawn, homemade chili tomato paste, and fresh bean sprouts result in a dynamic spectrum of flavor. Juicy, smooth, and spicy all in one slurp. Don't forget to squeeze that lime juice on the side before you taste it. It will balance all the flavor and add more tanginess into this dish.

For the beverages, we strongly recommend you to try the Hot Tea which tastes so authentic and genuine. It works well to wipe the oily and fatty texture after eating those meal. But then, they also served some kind of Cold Beer or Juices. Availability might differ.

 Jumbo Restaurant

Jumbo Restaurant is a home for food expert across the board. Serving 30+ homemade menus with fantastic plotting and the moderate fare is what to expect from them. The warmth and comforting atmosphere also visible here as soon as the diners find out their seat. Also, the responsive staff and fast service are another good points here. Overall, worth a try.

Jumbo Restaurant
20 Upper Circular Road #B1 - 48
The Riverwalk 
Singapore, 058416
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay
RSVP: (+65) 65 343 435
Operating Hours: 
11.00am - 12.30am (Everyday)

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Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: Clarke Quay, Singapore