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Singapore Local Food Scene - Third Edition

 Singapore Local Food Scene

Food story in Singapore would never end. A dozen of new stall or cafe popping up each month and serving a unique creation all the time. However, stick with the old one is better. Because experience would never lie. In this guide, we do continue to highlight the best pick for hawker food in Singapore that seriously delicious. Ranging from handmade curry puff to smoky claypot chicken rice is all set at affordable prices. Plus point it also looks good, though. Just bring your family here and have a good time with food! 

 Curry Puff

1. Curry Puff (Old Chang Kee)
Savour freshly baked curry puff all day long. Established for more than a century, Curry Puff is a famous local snack in Singapore. Featuring the beautiful combination of handmade puff pastry, a slice of egg, and potato curry with a hint of juicy chicken results in robust flavor for any palate. What we love the most is that crispy golden brown exterior while the core remains soft and packed with those fillings. Cost you around S$ 1.50, one piece is never enough.

Address: 14 Scotts Rd
Nearest MRT: Orchard
RSVP: (+65) 63 032 310
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

 Claypot Chicken Rice

2. Claypot Chicken Rice (Heun Kee)
For exquisite local flavor. Heun Kee uses a real heated charcoal cover and generously filled claypot is carefully tender over a charcoal flame. Each bowl contains a mix of three different kinds of rice for a fragrant texture and the delicious salted fish soaked in fragrant sesame oil together with a slice of pork sausage and row of chicken breast. It is aromatic, juicy, and delicious. Best finding ever. 

Address: Waterfront, Level 1
Resort World Sentosa
Nearest MRT: Sentosa Island
Operating hours: 
11.00am – 9.00pm (Monday - Thursday)
Last Order 8.30pm
9.00am - 10.00pm (Friday - Saturday)
Last Order 9.30pm
9.00am - 9.00pm (Sunday & P.H)
Last Order 8.30pm
Closed on Wednesday

 Chicken Satay

3. Chicken  Satay (Good Luck BBQ Chicken Wing)
We have been reviewed the best Prawn Satay in Singapore in the previous post, and now we find the chicken one. Located at the Food Opera, this stall specializes in barbecue chicken wings at first but now known for its remarkable satay. The delicious row of chicken breast coated in rich sweet soy sauce and served together with peanut sauce is just delicious. Expect extra meaty chunks skewered and grilled traditionally over a charcoal fire, and bursting aroma all the time.

Address: 2 Orchard Turn #B4-03/04
ION Orchard
Nearest MRT: Orchard
RSVP: (+65) 65 099 198
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

 Mee Goreng

4. Mee Goreng (Five Star Kampong Chicken)
Differing from the local version with its lavish toppings of prawn, bean sprouts, and greens, this type of noodle is seriously delicious and tasty. A strong flavor of sweet soy sauce is there followed by the perfect springy texture of noodle that we love. Usually, they will serve this with sambal on the side for extra flavor. Just add it one tablespoon or even two for a bit of heat. Locals favorite.

Address: 6/7 Cheong Chin Nam Rd
Singapore, 599732
Nearest MRT: Beauty World
RSVP: (+65) 64 663 000
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 12.00pm (Everyday)

 Face Ban Mian

5.    Kuo Tie Ban Mian (Face Ban Mian)
Ban Mian is a handmade block noodle that originally from Taiwan and brought to Singapore from the locals who ever live there back then. Other than the standards of their noodles, what sets this apart is the wide combination in that plate include fried shallots, minced meat, fresh cucumber, salted fish, soy sauce and ultra-springy noodle. Whenever you stir it, all of the aromas will be released and caught you mouthwatering all the time. Perhaps, it tastes even better than it looks.

Address: 722 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.0pm (Everyday)

Economic Bee Hon

6.    Economic Bee Hon (Bukit Merah View Block 115 Market and Food Centre)
Economic Bee Hon needs no introduction since it is available in almost everywhere within the city. The secret to the delightfully flavourful Economic Bee Hon lies in the toppings on the side. Gastronomes can add anything they like include tender chicken, succulent fish or just fresh veggies. Also be sure to ask for an extra egg on top for more beauty. One of the common breakfast menu in Singapore.

Address: Bukit Merah View Block 115 Market and Food Centre
Nearest MRT: Redhill
Operational Hours: 
6.00am - Lasted (Everyday) 

 Oyster Omelette

7.    Oyster Omelette (Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster)
It is like a love and hate relationship at the same time. Many people might love this, absolutely from the very first bite or just ignore it. However, it still worth a try, though. If you find yourself craving for Oyster Omelette better go to Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster that operates for more than a decade. The face of the dish is undeniably inviting and the omelet has a crispy, slightly chewy and springy texture, without overwhelming on each bite. Complementing the omelets are the oyster with big and fresh texture. Together with chili, this menu is perfect.

AddressChomp Chomp Food Centre #33
20 Kensington Park Road
Nearest MRT: Serangoon
Operational Hours:
5.00pm - 11.00pm (Everyday)
Closed on Wednesday

 Nasi Padang

8.    Nasi Padang (Sari Ratu)
Nasi Padang is originally from Indonesia, but a lot in Singapore as well. The idea of this menu is guests can find 20+ menus on the stall then choose whatever they like for each plate. From tasty beef rendang to delicious chicken curry is all there. What we recommend you is to order that bergedil or known as perkedel in Indonesia, a potato pattie that slightly crispy on the outside and soft at the core. The fact it's quite expensive, though.

Address: 20 Pahang St
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar
RSVP: (+65) 62 949 983
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

 Egg Prata

9. Egg Prata (Springleaf Prata Place)
Classic type of Malaysian-Indian cuisine. This national bestseller, has won many over with its simple yet delicious flavor. People who order this would be impressed by the live cooking show at first followed by the beautiful aroma of perfect cooked prata from the hot pan. Put emphasis on the softness of pita bread, fluffiness of egg and richness of curry sauce results in the complex yet fancy aftertaste. Have it while its warmth for the best experience. Best halal food in Singapore.

Address: 396 Rail Mall
Upper Bukit Timah Road
Nearest MRT: Hillview
RSVP: (+65) 90 626 849
Operational Hours:
8.00am - 12.00am (Everyday)

 Chinese Mixed Rice

10.    Chinese Mixed Rice (Chang Cheng Mixed Rice)
Savour Chinese Mixed Rice, a combination of fragrantly steam rice, juicy luncheon meat, sunny side up, stewed cabbage, prawn rolls, and rich curry sauce. This complex combination creates a perfect harmony in your mouth and your wallet as well. Never cost you below S$ 8.00, though.

Address: 3 Temasek Blvd
115-120 Suntec City
Nearest MRT: Promenade
RSVP: (+65) 63 382 848
Operational Hours:
8.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

 Singapore Local Food Scene

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