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Portico Platos - Bringing You A Right Destination For Spanish Food

 Portico Platos

Portico Platos as the latest concept from Portico Singapore offer you a modern tapas delicacies with affordable prices. Guest can experience the all-day dining menu that includes well-love signatures like paella, fried calamari, and churros. To ensure the freshness of each menu, Portico Platos use a 'competent hand' to produce it. Headed by Chef Wee Kiat who are passionate about cooking and insists on delivering a well refined Spanish cuisine, none customer would leave unsatisfied. Time to check in?



Strategically situated at Timbre+, this venue is located at the back row of the main entrance. The simply furnished food stalls with an open kitchen theme are set to impress each customer. Surrounded by nature view and a bit of crowd, this venue is truly warmth and comfortable enough for chilling out with your friends. Just find out your seats and have a talk with the PR team, since they are friendly enough with each customer. Even the Chef itself is really humble.

 Patatas bravas, black garlic mayo and tomato dressing

Let's start with the appetizer called Patatas bravas, black garlic mayo and tomato dressing ($ 8.00). A simple potato wedge drizzled with mayo sauce and tomato dressings is no longer boring but really entertaining. The perfect crispy texture of potato skin meets the creaminess of mayo is what caught we addicted to it. Since it comes in petite portion, one plate is suitable for one pax only. If you come with a group of people, be sure to order at least two portions.

Rockmelon, Jamen Serrano, and herb potato dressing

Looking for a healthier treat? This Rockmelon, Jamon Serrano, and herb potato dressing ($ 10.00) could be the answer. The sweetness of rockmelon together with salty Jamon serrano is a perfect match and expelled the overwhelm flavor of the meat. But then, the composition of fruit and meat seems not balanced in this case so the additional meat is necessary.

 Stam clams in chorizo broth

For seafood fanatic, Steam clams in chorizo broth (S$ 10.00) is absolutely a must. Using only the high-quality clam which is fresh and light together with rich soup and baguette on the side is what to expect from this menu. Don't be surprised with the beautiful aroma of it.

 Calamari in Szechuan pepper and roasted garlic aioli

Some customer says Calamari in Szechuan pepper and roasted garlic aioli (S$ 8.00) is good, but our team just find it differently. The flavor is not that strong and tastes almost plain. However, the squid texture is just great which is chewy at the core and remain crispy at the outside.

 Seafood Paellas

Seafood Paella

Moving on to the entree, Signature Seafood Paella (S$ 16.00 / 2 pax) is definitely amazing. A beautiful marriage between aromatic rice, nicely pick veggies, three different protein results in the delicious aftertaste. There is a bit of heat from the rice followed by the succulent texture of prawn and squid on every spoon of it. Just dig in, and you will know how beautiful this menu is. Even single portion is not enough, though.

 Charcoal Churros

 Original Churros

The dining experience will end smoothly if you order Churros with White Chocolate Sauce (S$ 9.00) or Churros with Chocolate and Honey Kaya Dip (S$ 9.00). Both is absolutely good but depends on your preferences. We just find out that the black charcoal churros are more interesting than the other one since it comes in stunning presentation and nice flavor.

Cold Brew Coffee

 1 Degrees Coffee

For the choice of beverages, be sure to order 1 Degrees Black Coffee (S$ 4.70) or Reed (S$ 5.00). Look at that cute bottle which is truly Instagenic. If you looking for Iced Water, it would be free here.

 Portico Platos

The good dining experience just begins. Portico Platos strive to entertain each customer with its reinterpretation of Spanish food with a local touch. Each guest can expect for a good food that is wallet - friendly. Just bring your family or friends here and let's see how they react through this. Enjoy.

Portico Platos
73A Ayer Rajah Crescent #01-32
Nearest MRT: one-north
RSVP: (+65) 91 719 355
Operational Hours:
11.30am - 3.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm - 10.00pm (Dinner)
Closed on Sunday 

Collaboration: aaronhandajani@gmail.com
Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: One-North, Singapore


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