Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kush – Savour Freshly Grilled Handmade Kushiyaki

 Kush Timbre+

Rocking Singapore's dining scene with the best of the Japanese and authentic flavor of Singapore, the brand new Kushi boasts exciting bona fide Japanese street food inspired by local flavor. Three heavenly dishes include Japanese skewers, Japanese BBQ and delicious fries will indulge every foodie across the board. Headed by Chef Chung Deming, a skillful chef who deliver a magnificent local menu in the next level, the best dining experience for each guest would be unveiled right here. 

 Kush Timbre+

 Kush Timbre+

 Kush Timbre+

Making its debut in Timbre +, this food stall will compete with another famous brand include Dancing Crab Shack, Roxy Laksa and so on. But then, the reason why Kushi become more attracting is the unstoppable live cooking show from the open kitchen counter. The smell of perfectly grilled meat, chicken wings or even bacon asparagus has to spread across the dining area and invite more taste buds to try this. The soft pink stall decoration with the big banner of signature menu collection also help the customer to spot them easier. Perhaps, they are located on the front side of main entrance.



 Party Set

Stimulating your taste buds are the beautiful Party Set (S$ 45.00). Featuring 9 types of meat including Chicken, Mid Wing, Chicken Ball, Pork Ball, Enoki Bacon, Asparagus Bacon, Vine Tomato, Shitake and Angus Beef is all there. What we love the most from this menu is the smoky flavor and juicy texture from each of it. Perhaps, the best element might be Chicken Ball and Asparagus Bacon that is truly authentic and genuine. Plus points is that well-maintained presentation.

 Curry Chicken Donburi

 Curry Chicken Donburi

Juicy and tasty Curry Chicken Donburi (S$ 10.80) also worth a try. The secret behind this menu is located at that curry sauce which is thick and intense. Together with runny egg yolk, grilled chicken tender and fragrant rice, it will result in a well-balanced flavor. As you dig in, you will smell the beautiful aroma of it and see how complex each element is. We do love the taste, but the presentation needs to be redefined.

 Chilli Crab Fries

 Shiok Fries

Shiok Fries (S$ 14.00) is the best fries we ever taste this year. Featuring the hearty combination of thick cut fries bathed in two layers of sauce include salted egg and chilli crab. Once you taste it, the richness of that sauce will blend really well with the crispiness of fries results in melt-in-mouth texture. Even though the presentation looks extreme, the taste is just straight forward and on point. Might be the main reason why people keep coming back to Kushi while they last.

 Grassfed Ribeye

 Grassfed Ribeye

Salted Egg Fries

Still not enough? We strongly recommend you to try the Grassfed Ribeye (S$ 24.00) that put emphasis on charcoal grilled steak. The thin cut of meat that has been executed nicely is tasted quite good and tender while the fact they need to add more sauce to it. However, this menu will never come alone but together will salted egg fries on the side to lifting up the whole dining experience. The presentation looks simple but we still enjoy this.

 Kush Timbre+

Tasteful charcoal treats with magnificent fries creation belong to Kush. After tasting a lot type of Japanese skewers, we do rank this as the one which looks brilliant and Instagenic. Guest can experience the perfectly executed meal with no apologies right here. Even though the price quite high, we still recommend this. Definitely interesting.

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent #01
Nearest MRT: one-north
RSVP: (+65) 91 719 355
Operational Hours:
11.30am - 3.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm - 10.00pm (Dinner)
Closed on Sunday 

Collaboration: aaronhandajani@gmail.com
Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: One-North, Singapore


  1. That Chilli Crab Fries is totally nice!

  2. We love this! #hungrycommunities

  3. Thanks for the reference guide here. I hope I could visit this soon.

  4. aH! All the dishes look yumm and make me want to try them. I am definitely trying Shiok Fries this weekend :D

  5. Thanks for for sharing this recipe this chicken seems delicious and it is good

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