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Chye Seng Huat Hardware – One of 'The Best Coffee Shop' in Singapore

 Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Chyse Seng Huat Hardware or known as CSHH Café has been through some rough times. Start from the humble beginning in the past and now become much more modern without changing its rustic and vintage concept. Promises a fantastic caffeine experience, discerning drinkers may choose from 6 premium cup of coffee such as Cold Brew (White), Cold Brew (Black), Latte, Flat White, Piccolo, and Cappuccino. All is made on the spot since they a brewing factory at the back yard. Perhaps, some kind of sweet tooth also available here to incorporates your visit. No wonder, this café has become a trending topic to be today.



 Brewing Machine

Located in an industrial area of Singapore on a hype street near Kallang MRT, the warehouse theme café with a wooden table, two side dining area and small coffee and beer factory at back made its debut in 2012 as a simple café for office workers around the neighborhood. At indoor dining area, this café put emphasis on warmth atmosphere with a dozen of staff and barista standby there. Meanwhile, at the outdoor part, guest can see a spacious table setting, and smell the fresh air surrounded by Instagenic scenic view. We definitely love to seat at the outside, even though it is hot. Because a lot of good pictures can be produced here.


 Nutella Cake

Although it had several brunch menus, we do proceed to the dessert station straight away. Because it is more attracting and unique. There are around 10 types of cake to be tested here include the caramel, raspberry, and Nutella. Sounds attracting? Even the price is still affordable as well.

 Sticky Fig Pudding

 Sticky Fig Pudding

Start your cake game strong with Sticky Fig Pudding (S$ 5.80). A brilliant figs pudding that has been baked over right temperature drizzled with ultra-sweet butterscotch sauce. Whenever you slice it there would be a soft sensation at first followed by the melted sauce inside and outside. What we love the most from this is the right consistency between the sweetness of butter and the freshness of figs results in light taste all the time. Even the presentation is just nice, though.

 Red Wine Pear Polenta

 Red Wine Pear Polenta

If you are loyal fans of polenta, this Red Wine Pear Polenta (S$ 6.80) might be your best pick. Set to adore each guest, the strong flavor of red wine would be unveiled as soon as you taste it. The pear itself remains fresh and works great with that wine to generate a less sweet flavor of cake. Such a good option to be paired with coffee. Not complicated, but it is just enjoyable.

 Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart (S$ 5.80) also interesting. That beautiful custard at the core is what we love the most from this cake since it contains a lot of sweet zesty flavors all the time. Together with nice pastry shell, this dessert is as entertaining as it looks.

 Chocolate Tart

 Almond Croissant

For the choice of pastry, we do recommend you to try the Almond Croissant (S$ 4.00) since it tastes quite good. The honest presentation surely unveiled the real texture of it which is crispy on the outside but remain buttery on the inside. Even though the price is too high for this pastry, we still enjoy it.

 Coffee Beans


 Latte Art



Never leave here without two or maybe three cups of Latte (S$ 5.50) since it tastes so light and nice. We definitely love the perfect composition between espresso, milk, and art that results in seriously bold flavor. Definitely one of the best latte in Singapore.

For other option of beverages, each guest who are non-caffeine drinkers can still enjoy the Blood Orange (S$ 5.00) or some kind of Juice as well. Kindly ask the staff for availability.

 Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Chye Seng Huat Hardware is definitely our favorite café in Singapore 2016. The food is nice, the coffee is perfect and the ambiance absolutely warmth. Must try.

Chyse Seng Huat Hardware
150 Tyrwhitt Road
Nearest MRT: Kallang
RSVP: (+65) 63 960 609
Operational Hours:
09.00am – 7.00pm (Tuesday – Friday)
09.00am – 09.00pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Closed on Monday

Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: Lavender, Singapore


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