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What To Eat In Food Republic Singapore?

 Food Republic Singapore

One of the biggest food court in Singapore that located in almost everywhere is the Food Republic. Having more than 10 stalls in a very spacious area, of course, they got anything to feed your tummy properly. Some popular menus like Salted Egg Prawn or tasty Curry Rice are all set at affordable prices. You will find your favorite meal easily right here. 

Knowing that the options are too many, some of you might be confused to decide which one is the best one. Perhaps, in this guide, you will find a nice reference for your next eating plan. Enjoy! :)

 Salted Egg Prawn

1. Ya Fu Mini Wok Delights
The pioneer of Mini Wok across Singapore. Offering a wide variety of zhi char or known as local food at the next level. The ultimate recommendation here might be Salted Egg Prawn and Sweet & Sour Fish. Both menus are truly incredible in terms of flavor and texture. Even the presentation also nice as well.

 Monster Curry

2. Monster Curry 
Only available in Food Republic 313 Somerset. Of course, we all know Monster Curry as a popular curry house in Singapore. But then, what makes it so special in this case is each menu come at a cheaper price and generous portion. Probably because they only own a smaller space compared to the original one. If you happened to try this, be sure to taste their Monster Combo Curry or Big Fried Fish Curry. 

 Mixed Rice

3. Chang Cheng Mixed Rice
Because we all love to mixed everything on that plate and this stall would become your perfect deal for sure. Comes up with 30+ home cook menus, you can choose whatever you like. From pork, chicken, beef, fish or even shrimp all comes in the different style of cooking and  choice of sauces as well. Sometimes they also have a healthier option like brown rice or even soup. Kindly ask the staff for daily menus.

 Fried Yong Tau Foo

4. Fulin Fried Yong Tau Foo
Mandatory local food that never out of style. Comes up in fried or soup option, now your meal is no longer boring as usual. A beautiful rack of protein and veggies will greet you first, after that, you can pick whatever you like; for them to cook it for you. My ultimate recommended might be Fried Yong Tau Foo with Fish Nugget and side of Noodle. Perfectly match with your palate.

 Braised Duck Rice

5. Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice
This classic local food is not only tasty but comes in a gorgeous presentation. A row of duck breast on top of fragrant rice will delight your eyes first then your tummy. For extra toppings, you can go with beancurd or even egg. Also, make sure to ask for the soup. Because the richness of chicken broth would compliment your meal rightly.

 BBQ Chicken Wing

6. BBQ Chicken Wing
Usually, people have this as an appetizer or even light bites to be shared. It's simple, juicy and rich in flavor. 5 pieces would never enough.

 Pad Thai

7. Ma Ma Thai Kitchen
Quite good in terms of flavor and texture. Signature menu collection would be Pad Thai and Tom Yam. However, the presentation speaks better than it tastes.

 Kimchi Fried Rice

8. Bae Doo San
If you see a long queue from far, it must be related to Kimchi Fried Rice or even Beef Bulgogi with Rice. The beautiful smell of perfectly cooked meat is truly undeniable. Simplicity at its best.

 Food Republic Singapore

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