Thursday, November 10, 2016

Din Tai Fung - Listed as 'TOP 10 RESTAURANTS IN THE WORLD 1993' by New York Times

 Din Tai Fung

The old dynasty that never fades away. Curator of globally-known Xiao Long Bao and Pork Cutlet Fried Rice, Din Tai Fung is certainly the ultimate destination for Chinese food enthusiast. Made up fresh daily, each menu is definitely delicious and packed with good aroma. No wonder they got a higher reputation until now. Even the crowd would never stop.

Having 10 outlets across the board, allow you to visit the nearest one from your home. Basically, each outlet got the same concept proven by open kitchen theme at the front and oriental interior design on the whole dining area. Expect for a dumpling-on-making show, warmth ambiance, and friendly service. But at first, you need to be patient since the queue is really long especially on downtown outlets. Usually, it will take around 20 - 30 minutes / individual.

 Xiao Long Bao

Steamed Truffle and Pork Dumplings (S$ 25.00 / 5 pieces) is one of the best Chinese dumplings on earth and it's originated from here. Look at how beautiful is it. A perfect composition between chicken and beef covered by soft dumpling skin results in juicy and meaty flavor. Especially the beautiful truffle aroma has been released whenever they served this right in front of you. If you happened to taste with your family make sure to order at least 10 pieces. Because one person can eat more than three, though.


Still, on the appetizer, Steamed Vegetable and Pork Dumpling is another good menu here (S$ 7.30 / 6 pieces). A hearty steamed dumpling with thicker skin and lighter filling is simply delicious. What makes it even interesting is that refined presentation that clearly represents the beautiful flavor of it. Comes up in a choice for 6 pieces or 10 pieces, this menu is definitely suitable for sharing with your loved one.

 Prawn Dumpling

If you are a seafood and pork fanatic, this perfectly cooked Steamed Shrimp and Pork Dumplings (S$ 7.70) is kind of suitable with you. The dumpling skin is one of the highlights since it's certainly melting from the very first bite. Second thing, that dense filling comprises the juiciness of prawn and succulent pork is undeniably delicious. Dip into the soy sauce for the best flavour.

 Din Tai Fung

It has been stated before that Fried Rice with Pork Chop (S$ 10.80) is originally from here. And of course, it tastes beyond delicious. Juicy, tasty and fragrant is all there. But what makes it so complex is the way they present it by creating a perfect row of pork belly on top of the fried rice mountain. For spicy food fanatic, a tablespoon of chili padi is suitable for this menu. Absolutely the must-try menu here.

 Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is definitely one of the best Chinese restaurant in the world. It's so authentic, delicious and well presented. Better try this.

Din Tai Fung
435 Orchard Road Level 4
Wisma Atria
Nearest MRT: Orchard
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: Singapore