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Bukit Panjang Plaza Food Directory

 Bukit Panjang Plaza Food Directory

West side of Singapore has been packed with good food. This time our team do highlight the great restaurant in Bukit Panjang Plaza as a mandatory shopping mall around the coverage. Actually, there are around 20 restaurants here but not all of them as good as the other. To simplified your findings, we do feature the one that you need to taste at least once in a lifetime. Ranging from authentic Thai menu to the most affordable one is all available. If you happened to visit or even living in this area, be sure to bring this guide with you and enjoy your meal! :)

 Crab Omelette

 Tom Yam Seafood Fried Rice

1. Siam Kitchen
One of the best Thai restaurant in Singapore. We often come here and receive a consistent menu packed with good flavor and nice presentation. Do expect for beautiful Crab Omelette and Tom Yam Seafood Fried Rice. It's tasty, delicious and smells so good. Certainly the best deal in town.

 Salted Egg Prawn Pasta

 Double Cheese Sambal Fries

2. Eighteen Chefs
If you are a salted egg and baked rice fanatic, this venue got the perfect entree to be tested all the time: Salted Egg Prawn Pasta and Sausage Baked Rice. Comes out fresh and hot, it will easily satisfy you. your. Then, for the light bites, feel confident to order Double Cheese Sambal Fries. A simple Western menu inspired by the local flavour that will be melt in your mouth. The picture speaks better than words.


 Wagyu Beef

3. Suki-ya
Singapore style Shabu-Shabu that wins the local heart. A choice for free flow Wagyu Beef and Pork Belly is incredible. Just order the Sukiyaki soup then dipped those meats into it for the best experience. The customer also can have an unlimited portion of fresh vegetables along with Taiwanese noodle and fragrant rice. Just mixed and match like you mean it.

 Charsiew Horfun

 Charsiew Rice

4. Shan Cheng
Ipoh style horfun at its best performance. In Singapore, you can find horfun easily but not the good one like this. Do try the Charsiew Horfun and handmade Chicken Chop. It's juicy, moist and packed with full-bodied flavour. Check out the full review here.

Nasi Lemak

5. Punggol Nasi Padang
Local food in hawker fare. If you think Nasi Lemak or even Beef Rendang can satisfy you, it does right here. Punggol Nasi Padang served classic local menus in the simple and heartwarming presentation. All is certainly handmade and taste authentic. Good deal for any occasion.

 Sweet and Sour Chicken

 XO Fried Rice

6. Streats Hong Kong Cafe
Entering a venue who offer a wide array of Hong Kong cuisine inspired by Singapore flavor. Comes up in 40+ menus might cause you confuse to decide which one is the good one. Fred not, Sweet & Sour Chicken and XO Fried Rice is there. Both menus are the interesting creation for entrée. Meanwhile, for the appetizer just go with Salted Egg Pumpkin Fries that never disappoint you with its crispy and soft texture. Delight you always.

 Volcano Ramen

 Volcano Ramen

7. Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
Have you ever heard about Volcano Ramen? It belongs to here. Presenting a smooth noodle bathed in four choices for soup is truly delicious. Our ultimate recommendation is to try the Curry & Seafood soup. Both is rich, intense and packed with good aroma. It will keep you warmth for the whole day.

 Economic Bee Hon

8. One Malaka Cafe
All day breakfast menus. No doubt their Economic Bee Hon and Prawn Mee taste good and simply sweet. Just add more topping like an egg, spam, and tofu for better flavor.

 Cheesy Bites Pizza

9. Pizza Hut
Home for pizza and garlic bread. We all love their Cheesy Bites Super Supreme that packed with melted cheese, thick pastry skin, and meaty flavor. Just dipped it into the special mayo sauce at the center and your dining experience would be lifted. To perfected your meal, garlic bread is necessary on the table. Imagine yourself having 2 - 3 slice of pizza with a can of coke and garlic bread on the side. Does it sound great?

 Chicken Meatballs Noodle

 Chicken Cutlet Rice

10. Encik Tan
There is nonstop cooking show in the kitchen since the crowd is relatively high especially during peak hour. Start strong with a bowl of Chicken Meatball that certainly chewy, juicy and meaty. Then, moving on to the entrée, do spot the Chicken Cutlet Rice which tastes so good and crispy. A hearty combination of fragrant rice, sunny side up, stewed cabbage, crispy chicken tender and two layers of sauces will boost up your mood instantly. Since the portion is quite small, each menu is suitable for one person. Unless you order more appetizer.

 Bukit Panjang Plaza Food Directory

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