Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Zzang Korean Food - Korean Food In Hawker Fare

 Zzang Korean Food

We all know that Korean food is not so much in Singapore, especially when it comes to the satisfying one. Some of you might find it, but the next issue is usually the price for each menu is relatively high results in a hole in your wallet. But worry-less, our team has been spotted a venue who served incredible Korean cuisine in hawker fare, Zzang Korean Food. As we take a deep insight, each menu here is truly authentic and delicious. Currently they served around 20+ menus ranging from simple appetisers to sweet desserts. Noodle, rice, or even kimchi all set in a beautiful display. Nevertheless, it is clear that this venue worth a try at least once in a lifetime.   

Korean Food Singapore

Interestingly located in less crowded mall Bukit Timah Plaza, this venue occupied a space beside escalator. Having only a several tables with no decorations is what you can see here. Customer who comes in can see the menus and put some order first before take a seat. In order to avoid the higher crowd during peak hour, this kind of system really works. Generally, they didn't focus with ambience, unless food. 

Fried Mushroom

Be sure to start your delightful dining experience with a plate of Fried Mushroom (S$ 6.00). An item that made from scratch and certainly crispy enough to put a smile on your face. What caught you addicted into it is the high saltiness level of it that absolutely relevant for savoury person. Usually people order this for sharing around two people. But it doesn't mean you can't finish this alone.

 Kimchi Dumpling

Another Korean export that becomes the must-try menu is Kimchi Dumpling (S$ 6.00/Small). It's minimalist presentation hide the real flavour behind it. The beautiful crispy skin meets the rich toppings inside is undeniably delicious. Since all made fresh, the kimchi flavour is just well balanced followed by the juiciness of the meat. Definitely brilliant.

 Kimchi Fried Rice

Moving on to the entrĂ©e, Kimchi Fried Rice (S$ 9.00) is what our team suggest you to taste in Zzang Korean Food. The aromatic and fragrant rice followed by significant kimchi flavour then topped with half-cooked egg is a fantastic treat for your eyes and your tummy. It's simple, minimalist, and packed with full bodied flavour. No wonder this item has become the all time favourite menus here. Taste better than what you think.



Ideally, for a noodle fanatic, they will go straight to the Rabboki (S$ 9.50). A peaceful combination between rice cake, yellow noodle, hard boiled egg and fish cake bathed in homemade spicy sauce is totally mouthwatering. When you stir it, that beautiful aroma has been released, followed by the majestic view of springy noodle and sticky rice rake. To some extent, don't forget to take a quirky snap to it. It's absolutely fit with your Instagram feed, though.

 Zzang Korean Food

Subject to desserts, be sure to taste the Bingrae Korean Ice Cream which comes in a wide selection of flavour. Chocolate, melon, or even cookies and cream come in different packaging. Our team ultimate recommendations would be Red Bean and Cheesecake. 

For a choice of beverages, nothing better than a bottle of Iced Water (S$ 1.50) or even a can of Coke. They also have some Pokka Green Tea or even Pokka Chrysanthemum Tea. All comes in different prices.

 Zzang Korean Food

If you plan to bring your friends for a delightful Korean meal, Zzang Korean Food is your perfect destination. Even though the space not so big, the food is totally brilliant here. Remember to visit them on weekdays only, since on the weekend they closed.

Zzang Korean Food
1 Jalan Anak Bukit #02-K46
Bukit Timah Plaza
Nearest MRT: Beauty World
Operational hours:
11.00am - 9.00pm (Everyday)

Collaboration: aaronhandajani@gmail.com
Snapchat: AaronHandajani
Location: 1 Jln Anak Bukit, Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore 588996