Friday, October 7, 2016

The Meeting Room - Modern Food Inspired By Local Flavor

Over time, food got reinvented into a modern creation. But still, the flavor remain the same. It sticks with the classic that certainly win locals heart and even the tourist itself. Talk much deeper about a local brand who provide that generous idea, it can be found easily in The Meeting Room restaurant. 

A venue that offering a signature collection of Singapore's local food in the nice presentation and affordable price tag. Understand the dynamic ethnicity within the nations, this venue is literally served a multicultural menu. For instance, if you are a Hainanese Bee Hon fanatic or even Spam Fries big fans, they got it for sure. Does it sound like a good mark? Could be.

Taking place in West side of Singapore, this venue is pretty reachable from the author's workplace. Showcasing a minimalist interior fused by wooden wallpaper and furniture would never get wrong. Fast respond is the best experience here. You can see the menus, choose whatever that you like and made your order. Less than 20 minutes, all the menus will be coming out.

Deciding to start with the appetizer, Luncheon Meat Fries (S$ 5.80). The hearty light bites that comes from a deep fried spam. What makes it beautiful is a thick cut pattern which allows you to taste a meaty flavor of it with a bit of peppery. Served together with the homemade chili sauce, this dish is certainly entertaining. Worth a try then.

As a big fan of the local flavor, Hainanese Bee Hon (S$ 6.50) is possibly the most obscure menu on the list. The streamlined menu is a condensed version of breakfast à la carte for Singaporean, that easy to make and light in flavor. Showcasing the guiltless combination of fried bee hon, seafood, and sunny side up has been resulting in satisfaction for everyone's palate. When you taste it, the wok flavor is there followed by the succulent texture of protein. That egg adds more saturation while at the same time it does contribute a certain amount of flavor and texture. Perfect antidote does exist.

Last but not least, a classic Peranakan menu that has been evolved through the process might be a good decision to make, Tiga Rasa Fried Rice (S$ 10.80). For some reasons, I do love this dish. It's straightforward flavor is certainly good and fit with my palate. There's a mix of saltiness, sweetness, and tanginess in one spoon. A well-balanced presentation comes next as a second excitement. Remember my previous post about best street food in Jakarta? This one is totally different and comes in better looks. Perhaps, this comfort food will endure forever and there is no sign of faded. Must-try menu.

Other option, you can try their signature Cereal Fried Fish (S$ 8.90). A battered dory fish that served together with a salty crumble. Actually, that protein is soft and fresh goes well with that crunchy element. To some extent, it's pretty light for sure. Such a comforting dish.

Thinking about the beverages, a cup of Teh O-Peng (S$ 3.90) or even Coffee-O (S$ 3.90) might be a good idea. Since the menus are more local, better to have a traditional drink as well. It will compliment each other, though.

The Meeting Room possibly the great destination when facing a supper, since they open until midnight. A distinct local atmosphere with a friendly hospitality is the upmarket vibe. In a sense, this restaurant could be considered as a good finding.

The Meeting Room
6 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Nearest MRT: Beauty World
RSVP: (+65) 64 670 600
Operational Hours:
5.00pm - 12.00am (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: Beauty World, Singapore 588216


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