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Kurama Robatayaki - The Finest Japanese Restaurant In Singapore

Kurama Robatayaki Singapore

Recently opened a month ago, this Japanese restaurant has been circulated around social media with its unique characteristics. Actually, this is the first time the Japanese restaurant turned into more exclusive and hidden. Helmed by co-owner and head chef Raymond Tan, with several decades of experience, Kurama Robatayaki presents the most notable Japanese comfort food in the creative rendition of classics. Customer who has reserved their seat can choose a range of fresh produce that will be grilled to perfection in front of them and served directly by its chef. Perhaps, your intimate dining experience will just begin.

Situated understatedly behind the curtain of Yoi Sake Bar, the customer will feel like they are part of a 'secret club' and are 'in the know' about this hidden restaurant. The gentle incandescence from dozens of straw-coloured Japanese lanterns and pastel-painted walls make for its complete warmth and humble atmosphere. No wonder customer can spend so much time here. Amidst this elegance, the fresh ingredients that are attractively displayed across the width of the room is truly visible. In a sense, each customer can feel the strong visual impact by entering the main dining area.

Kurama's menu is a wonderful showcase of choicest ingredients flown in from Japan and other parts of the world. For instance, they do import their Scallops from Australia, King Crabs from Alaska, Lamb from New Zealand, as well as beef and vegetables from Japan. 

Start with the appetizer, the sticky Tako Wasabi (S$ 8.00) will come first. The bite sized of fresh octopus with a dash of wasabi results in sticky and smooth texture. Quite entertaining.

 Tofuage Karamiso

 Tofuage Karamiso

Moving on to the next one, the Tofuage Karamiso (S$ 10.00) tastes better than it looks. A grilled block of miso-coated housemade tofu will go well with everyone's palate. It's hot, dense, but still soft. Suitable to be paired with a shot of sakes. The umami-nuanced note is here.

 Fugu Mirin

 Fugu Mirin

Fugu Mirin (S$ 15.00) is a cured version of the notorious pufferfish. This nicely grilled protein strongly influenced by soy sauce flavor. It's slightly chewy and tastes quite similar with a savoury-sweet 'bak kwa', making it a good nibble to have with sake. 

 Ham Wrapped Lychee

People can disappoint you, but not the Ham Wrapped Lychee (S$ 12.00). A right consistency between sweet and salty flavor that you can't find somewhere else, unless here. The juiciness of ham absolutely goes well with the moistness and sweetness of lychee. Just dip it into the Japanese sesame sauce and your meal has been lifted. Must-try one.

 Truffle Onsen Salad

As the part of the signature collection, the aromatic Truffle Onsen Salad (S$ 12.00) clearly represents the simplicity of its origin. Only fresh vegetables have been placed on that bowl, so does the onsen egg. The drizzled with truffle oil on top add a bit of saltiness to this dish while the beautiful oozy texture from that egg covers up the request for more creaminess and sweetness. Just take a quirky snap before you feast it. Then, mixed it up together to get the best flavor of this dish.


Best treat in Kurama Robatayaki is absolutely here. Tsukune (S$ 8.00), a handmade chicken patty mixed up with the egg yolk is undeniably delicious. The juiciness is there followed by the crunchiness from chopped up chicken soft bone. Since it made from scratch, each bite would be guaranteed tasty and delicious. Known as an upgraded version of common yakitori in town. 


If you are looking for the light one, be sure to taste Hotate. An Australian scallops that has been steamed together with garlic. Comes in small portion, this dish is only suitable for one person. What makes it beautiful is the aroma of garlic that will catch you mouthwatering while the protein itself remain fresh. It will certainly melt in your mouth, though. 

 Hamachi Kama

For seafood lovers, the moist and soft Hamachi Kama (S$ 25.00) would satisfy your taste buds. A nicely grilled Seigo fish with just a sprinkle of salt taste undeniably delicious. There is no earthy flavor in there, but the grilled flavor is certainly significant. Just squeeze the lemon to add more acidity into it. Best served with Japanese steam rice.

 Buta Bara

The U.S. pork Buta Bara (S$ 9.00) also tastes good. The fat of pork belly is quite dense to ensure the moistness remain there and avoid the dry texture of meat, while the meat itself remain juicy until the last bite of it. Dip it with the homemade spicy sauce for extra flavour.

 Gooseberry Panna Cotta

 Peach Bavarois

To finish it strong, just try three signature dessert collection consists of Gooseberry Panna Cotta, Peach Bavarois, Hojicha Creme Brûlée. Each of them is made from scratch and taste really balanced. What makes it even beautiful is the simple presentation of it.

Kurama Robatayaki

What sets Kurama Robatayaki apart from another dining is that all the delicious fresh produce is on display for diners to choose. Befitting the upmarket setting, the drinks menu at Kurama features premium sakes that are especially suited for pairing with food. Reservation is necessary during peak hour.

Kurama Robatayaki
9 Raffles Boulevard #02-07 
Millenia Walk
Nearest MRT: Promenade
RSVP: (+65) 63 419 668
Operational Hours:
12.00pm - 2.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm - Midnight (Dinner)

Collaboration: aaronhandajani@gmail.com
Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: 9 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039596


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