Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fish & Co. Singapore - There Is A Dozen Variety Of Fish & Chips Here

One type of fish & chips is no longer enough to lure today's foodies. Perhaps, Fish & Co. Singapore is creating a wide selection of that British mandatory food for quirky experiences. From robust Salted Egg Fish & Chips to unique India Fish & Chips, would surely stepping up your common fish & chips expectations. The opportunity to discover the blend of British culture inspired by the local- flavor certainly exists. Definitely interesting, right?

Having more than 20 outlets across the boundary has proved their reputation. Each store got a similar concept, it's all simple and minimalist. What caught your attention is that signature fish accessories for each table and simple mural as the wallpaper for the whole dining area. The food industry in Singapore is keeping on changing, but they keep on with the classic. Such a good deal to keep those standards.

As the starter, place your order for Salted Egg Prawn Deluxe (S$ 8.95). A delicious light bite which unveiling the juiciness of prawn and richness of salted egg sauce. It's simple, not overwhelming and absolutely well balanced. Even though the portion seems to be smaller than you expected, the flavor tends to be big. Never get bored with this kind of appetizer.

Scrumptious dish to feed your palate rightly. Featuring a peaceful combination between crispy battered dory fish and pure salted egg sauce is what they called as Salted Egg Fish & Chips (S$ 18.95). Served together with the handmade thick fries make it even more entertaining. Just add a spoon of mayo or chili sauce for extra flavor. The best way to called this is certainly British comfort food with an Asian touch. 

Still on the entrée, Swiss Fish & Chips (S$ 16.95) could be your another option. The beautifully cooked dory fish is there topped by the melted cheese which adds more saltiness into it. The generous presentation is a key point to impress more people. Nothing goes wrong with this dish as long as they served this fresh. But still, my preference goes to the previous one which is more interesting and tasty.

We are loving this nation, indeed. That's why the Singapore Fish & Chips (S$ 16.95) is a right decision to proof that you're a local. The major highlight of this dish is located on that special homemade sauce. Because of that sauce, this dish got a tasty flavor with a bit of spiciness. The simple appearance might hide the real power of it. And yes, this is one of my favorite dish here.

Looking for another luscious cheese topping? Danish Fish & Chips (S$ 16.95) is clearly your right decision. It's simple, crispy and more light in flavor. Even though this dish not so special, the taste is still entertaining. If you just want to play safe, just choose this instead of the other. No one would dislike this actually.

Guest who feels thirsty once arrive, can get a free flow tap water either iced or room temperature. If you are looking for more option of beverage, the staff would assist you then. However, self-service is certainly applicable in this restaurant.

Think about British mandatory food, of course, Fish & Co. comes first in mind. It's not because there is no other option, but the reason is this brand has set a right standard that fit with everyone's palate. That is why people keep on coming back to this.

Fish & Co. Singapore
290 Orchard Road
Paragon Shopping Centre #B1-35/36
RSVP: (+65) 67 330 938
Operational Hours:
11.00am - 11.00pm (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: Orchard Rd, Singapore


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