Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Encik Tan - Great Local Food On-A-Budget

Singapore local food scenes speak of an ancient story that never out of style. Each menu is genuine since it made by scratch and noteworthy. Encik Tan is one of the venues who offers a wide selection of exquisite local food that cost you below S$ 6.00 per portion. Knowing that this venue has grown significantly in the recent years, occupying 10 different locations across Singapore is never been enough perhaps they got expanded more. A classic wave of the local brand has also followed suit.

Take in the strategic place on any shopping mall of Singapore give them a huge benefit to gain more traffic. Minimalist interior design and open kitchen theme will lure the customer rightly. Perhaps, the fast respond and quick serving is the additional one. The customer also can other the beverage right at the corner. A choice of coke, lemon tea, or even iced water makes a fine accompaniment.

Start with all time favorite menu called Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice (S$ 4.30). A soothing array of ingredients including crispy chicken tender, stewed cabbage, sunny side up, fragrant rice, and curry sauce might be a perfect deal to unwind. Getting insights, the fragrant rice topped with curry sauce is the major player on that plate since it comes so tasty and you can eat it instantly without any topping. Stewed cabbage is one of the mandatory element on any Hainanese curry rice which become the simple side dish which adds a bit of freshness and tanginess, bathed in curry sauce will add a chance to entertain you more. Mixed it up together to get the best flavor of that plate.

Replacing the chicken cutlet with succulent prawn while the rest of the elements still the same might be the basic principle of Prawn Curry Rice (S$ 5.00). This time, the highlight certainly change into that prawn which got a crispy exterior and juicy interior. For an intimate experience, the foodie who is loving the spicy food can a bit of chili on top of that protein in order to raise the flavor quality. Another good point of this dish is its outrageous themed presentation. Suitable for a quirky snap before you feast it.

The main star is here. Moving on from the rice dishes to the noodle dish is definitely a right decision to make because Chicken Meatball Noodle (S$ 6.00) is the best menu that I ever tasted in Encik Tan. The humble presentation caught you mouthwatering while the set up is true boasted up the simplicity and authenticity of Singapore's local food scene. Staying on track with a right texture of that noodle which is springy and smooth. Meanwhile, the chicken meatball as the only protein on that bowl comes in a bit chewy texture and tasty flavor. Lifting the noodle might be released all of the good aromas of that bowl while tasting that meatball will proof you how beautiful is this country in terms of food and diversity. The ultimate recommendation has been unveiled now.

Customer who is still hungry can order a specific type of side dishes like Dumpling Soup (S$ 5.00) or even Chicken Meatball itself without the noodle (S$ 5.00). Both menu maybe looks like so simple, but there is a real power behind it to satisfy your palate. A live cooking show for both menus is also available right at the corner of the dining area.

Encik Tan has not only risen to become the better local brand in Singapore, it now getting more popularity across the country. The humble decor is what attract you more while the affordable food price is the main reason why people keep on coming back to them. Each menu is definitely worth the calories.

Encik Tan
1 Jelebu Road #01-58/59
Bukit Panjang Plaza
Nearest MRT: Bukit Panjang
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: 1 Jelebu Rd, Singapore 677743


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