Friday, October 28, 2016

Bukit Timah Plaza Food Guide

One of the oldest shopping mall in Singapore got something to delight your tummy properly. This time, our team do highlight the best pick for you to eating around the area. Ranging from the authentic Korean food to the delightful Western food is, each people can choose their own favorite foods. Each venue comes in different attributes and specialties, so to guide you more we take a peek at the highly recommended menu as well. Enjoy!


Pork Cutlet Curry

This family restaurant is known for its Pork Cutlet Curry and Jajangmyeon. Since all made fresh, each day they got a limited quantity for both menus. But then for the rest of the menu like Cheese Ramen or even Kimchi Fried Rice is available all day long. Comes up in warmth and cozy atmosphere, many people love to stay a little bit longer here. Good point of this venue is affordable food with nice ambiance.

 Two-side Fries

 Pulled Pork Benedict

One of the best cafe in West side of Singapore. Offering the beautiful collection of Western food influenced by local flavor is their current specialties. The strong presentation of each menu attract many foodies to come here and believe it or not even the taste is better than it looks. Just give it a try to Pulled Pork Benedict and Two-side Fries. Nothing could beat both menus so far.

 Braised Duck Rice

 Hainanese Chicken Rice

Holding the tradition, this food stall has blockaded the corner of the B1 floor with no interior design and simple table settings. Actually, there are three different stalls here but all still owned by one family. The only stall that you should try is the Chicken Rice Stall. Our team quite surprise how a good plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice and Hainanese Duck Rice can be sold in this kind of environment and comes up in price below S$ 4.00. The warmth hospitality by the owner makes the customer feel greeted and the ultra-juicy protein together with homemade Hainanese rice become the main reason why customer keeps on coming back to them.


 Kimchi Fried Rice

Back to Korean export, our team does recognize that this venue got unique characteristics compared with the other. First, they have a menu called Kimchi Dumpling that rarely to find in Singapore. Second, each menu like Kimchi Fried Rice and Rabboki is made from scratch, absolutely fresh and tasty. Last but not least, each menu comes in a big portion but the price is truly affordable. No wonder the crowd is there, especially during peak hour.

 Subway Chicken Teriyaki

 Subway Chicken Tandoori

5. Subway
Subway is everywhere in Singapore. Even in this old shopping mall, they have a quite big space with less crowd than usual. Surprisingly, each sandwich here comes in more toppings. Probably the small number of customer make them feel generous enough to treat you more. The ultimate recommendation from our team is Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich and Chicken Tandoori Sandwich (Available only in Singapore).


 Pizza Hut Singapore

6. Pizza Hut
No one didn't know about Pizza Hut reputation which serving a delicious round pan pizza with a choice of toppings and fillings. Some kind of pasta menu like Spaghetti Bolognese and Cheese Fusilli Pasta is also brilliant. If you are keen enough to go with the classic one, Garlic Bread is a must on that table. Simply entertaining, though.

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Location: Bukit Timah, Singapore

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