Sunday, October 2, 2016

6 Degrees Central Park - The Taste Of Western Food In Jakarta

6 Degrees Central Park is a new establishment this year. Offering a lavish international spread of fresh Western menus with a twist is catching the foodies attention. Enveloped in a bright and gorgeous combination, each menu comprises multiple ingredients that work together to satisfy guests palate. For those who are seeking a locally-inspired menu, worry less because they provide you some delectable types of nasi goreng or even sup buntut. To ensure the right consistency between flavor and texture, each menu is guaranteed handmade and freshly cooked. Let's discover more. 

Taking place close to the garden, the whole dining area absolutely got a beautiful nature scene and circulated by fresh air. In the indoor section, you will see the place is quite rustic and vintage proven by a big mural right on the corner. A low-light mode has been set up here in order to create a warmth and comforting ambiance, no wonder people will stay much longer here. Then, for the outdoor section, it's more casual and comes up with sufficient natural light during daytime. Perhaps, both section got their own attributes and simply beautiful. If you are a fashionista, this place is a right destination for taking a good photo shoot.

Start with the unique Roasted Pumpkin Salad. The humble dish of fresh lettuce mixed together with zucchini, tomato, beetroot, and topped by roasted pumpkin has been results in tasty and aromatic flavor. To finish it strong, a drizzled of vinaigrette sauce has been added. It's light, simple, and packed with flavor. Definitely entertaining.

Move to the ultimate all-American comfort food called Polo Arrosto. A perfectly cooked roasted chicken served together with creamy mashed potato and fresh mini salad is so loved. What amps up this dish is how the chef does the nice plating that boasts up the harmonization between each ingredient. The meat is succulent and tasty while the sides are blend really well with it. Melt-in-mouth texture just exists.

Last but not least is the best-seller menu in 6 Degrees Central Park called Chicken Steak. Certainly, a generous dish exudes a juicy texture of protein topped with rich mushroom sauce and served together with crispy potato wedges and fresh mini salad on the side. There are no ingredients that overwhelming, perhaps it does compliment each other rightly. Once you taste it, a saltiness and sweetness of the whole dish will awaken your sense of flavor and it will blend really well to satisfy your taste buds. No wonder each table will keep on ordering this instead the rest of the menus.

Before you leaving, be sure to taste the Genera Mocha that tastes simple and light. The additional orange skin adds a zest flavor and more freshness to this cup of coffee. Simple yet addictive.

6 Degrees Central Park is definitely a good alternative for the simple dining experience with no worry. The food is quite nice and some of them might entertain you well. For the service, it's still customer friendly and needs to get more improvement. Meanwhile, the warmth and relaxing ambiance is truly the best offer of this restaurant for each of you. Overall, worth a try.

6 Degrees Central Park
Central Park Mall (Tribeca Park GF 08)
Jl. Letjen. S. Paraman No. 28
Nearest area: Tanjung Duran, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 12.00am (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Location: Central Park Mall, Jl. S Parman, Tomang, Grogol petamburan, West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 11440, Indonesia


  1. Polo Arrosto looks yumm

    1. Indeed. It taste good, though. Anyway, nice to know you there, Adie! :)