Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tanuki Raw - Japanese Rice Bowl That Comprises Fresh Ingredients & Decent Compositions

Tanuki Raw is a modern Japanese restaurant influenced by American street food. Set up an interesting menu ranging from sushi roll to delectable rice bowl selection has been their essentially characteristics. None of them looks complicated, everything has been packed in the simple and nice presentation. Instead of elevating your comfort food game boringly, better try this certainly. Definitely interesting. 

Located strategically in the downtown area of Singapore, Tanuki Raw is kind of accessible for everyone. So far they got two outlets across the boundary and both of them certainly offer same menus. The one that you see here is exactly located in the same building of National Design Museum. If we getting insights, it could be measurable that the whole dining area applies the minimalist theme fused by contemporary accessories. No wonder the atmosphere is just warmth and comfort enough for you to stay for an hour or maybe more.

Look forward to the distinction starter called Sweet Potato Truffle Fries (S$ 9.90). An Asian-Western fusion menu that compromising on taste. The sweet potato fries is just thin and got the crispy exterior while the truffle powder has contributed a lot of flavor to this. The way they organized this also interesting. Supposed to be described as premium comfort food to satisfy your palate. 

For the other starter option, you're highly recommended to taste this Salmon Skin (S$ 5.00) which turned to be significant and lighter. The nicely cooked salmon skin has a superb crispy and crunchy exterior while it sealed the fresh flavor on the core. The additional homemade chili sauce on the side also got a strong garlic flavour and quite spicy. Just do a quick dip before you taste it. A simple combination that never disappoints you at all.

Tanuki Raw's eclectic menu that strongly emphasizes the flavor and texture belong to Salted Egg Duck Char Siew (S$ 16.00). A roasted slow cooked pork belly that has been beautifully marinated in Tanuki's salted duck egg char siew sauce and onsen egg served together with signature mixed rice. It might sound complex but certainly, the flavor is quite simple and straightforward. The major player of this dish is located at that meat which is juicy and tender. Perhaps, the rice itself also got a specific fragrant aroma to be enjoyed individually.

The best seller menu in this restaurant is Black Garlic and Roasted Leek Negitoro Don (S$ 18.00). Diners can expect chopped fresh tuna and scallions that beautifully seasoned with black garlic and roasted leek soy topped by onsen egg and so konbu and served together with sushi rice. In fact, this is the perfect harmony for every taste buds. For maximum flavor just mixed it right away and taste every single element in one spoon. Beautiful Japanese treats for everyone.

Tanuki Raw is a humble destination for Japanese food fanatic. Presenting every dish in its humble presentation might suit global's palate. Certainly brilliant.

Tanuki Raw @ Kapok
111 Middle Road
National Design Centre #01-05
Nearest MRT: Bugis
Operational Hous:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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