Friday, September 23, 2016

Martabak Gue - Delightful Sweet Treats In Jakarta

Forget the hustle and bustle city scene and, instead, head to the neighborhood who offer you the sweet and savory collection of local pancake in a beautiful presentation, Martabak Gue. Dispelling the myth that martabak is too sweet, you can adjust the sweetness level based on your preferences and put any toppings that you really want too. In order to create a harmonized balance of flavor and texture, the right formulation of the mixture is necessary and yes in this stall they set you the answer for it. Tastebuds ready? Let's see how far they are going.

Casually located in car wash area, Martabak Gue is no longer fancy but still appealing. Just look at how many people who are joining the crowd and it will proof you more than words. Actually, the stall is just small and less decorated. Even the staff itself is only a few, no wonder the queue is long. But still, the main concern here is to get the incredible piece of martabak, that's why you need to wait for an approximate half-hour. 

Start your culinary delights with the Martabak Coklat Keju 'Classic' (IDR 50K). A perfect combination between a thick pancake and a rich layer of toppings drizzled with sweet condensed milk is undeniably delicious. The aromatic fusion of butter and chocolate-cheese would create a heartbeat to cover up your palate. 

Next, for every KitKat or even Nutella fanatic, they also provide you those rich toppings to be topped with your choice of pancake to satisfy your taste buds. Martabak Nutella Keju (IDR 95K) is a harmonized balance of strong Nutella with salty cheddar cheese and buttery pancake. The crispy exterior meets the rich and soft interior is something exceptional. Once you bite it, the melt-in-mouth texture would exist. Definitely brilliant.

If you're looking for the savory one, be sure to go with Salmon Mentai (IDR 80K). The generous amount of cheese on top of that crispy and the juicy pancake is definitely delicious. It's not only adding a salty flavor into it, but the creamy exterior just comes from it. Whenever they served this right in front of you, the incredible aroma of each piece is just undeniable. Who's up for this?

Currently, Martabak Gue served four types of pancake from the normal one to the red velvet one. The composition might be different and it will affect the whole flavor of your snack. Just ask the staff for more assistance.

Martabak Gue
Jl. Surya Wijaya No. 28
Star Wash
Nearest area: Taman Ratu, Green Ville - West Jakarta
Operational Hours:
4.30pm - 11.00pm (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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