Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dapper Coffee - The First Salted Egg Cake In History

After the trend of salted egg dishes circulated around social media, Dapper Coffee tend to create something new and truly interesting for each of you there. Presents a towering example of unique local treats focuses on sweet tooth might be their best attributes nowadays. Perhaps, there is something special about their ambiance as well.  

A contemporary rustic ambiance fused by a light bulb and classic furniture truly exists in Dapper Coffee. As the results, this spot is truly warmth and comfortable enough for you to stay a little bit longer. During lunch time you will see a lot of businessman having some casual meeting around the corner while at the afternoon tea time there would be more teenagers who are chilling out with their bestie. If we getting insights, actually all the staff member or even the barista are a woman. But still, they are talented enough to create a good cup of coffee with remarkable latte art for sure.

A culinary revolution belongs to Salted Egg Black Sesame Cake (S$ 9.00). It is surely the first in history when savory ingredients have been transformed into the sweet tooth. Recently, got so many questions about its taste. And yes, surprisingly it tastes really good. Sweet, tasty, and moist is three different keywords to represent that idea properly. Once you try it, you will feel the melt-in-the-mouth texture that comes from three homogenous layers topped by salted egg sauce. Sounds interesting? Truly good enough to be paired with a cup of latte.

Nothing could be more interesting than the Gula Melaka Walnut Oat Cake (S$ 9.00). The softness of cake layer is elegant incorporate with the sweetness of gula melaka. It doesn’t only taste good, but the presentation is also brilliant. That’s why people keep on coming back for this. It is just distinction yet minimalist.

It could be impossible for caffeine pleasure to skip their classical Latte (S$ 5.50). The right composition between milk, espresso, and foam has resulted in the strong and bold flavor of coffee. Especially it comes in a tall size glass and nice latte art. Definitely worth a try. Perhaps?

Put the emphasis on local flavor and gorgeous presentation, Dapper Coffee is truly a right destination for cafe-hopping within the territory. The ambiance is more than nice comes together with a unique cake that tastes brilliant and friendly services as well. No wonder the crowd would stop.

Dapper Coffee
73 Amoy St
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer
Operational Hours:
8.00am - 5.00pm (Everyday)
Closed on PH.

Snapchat: AaronHandajani

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