Friday, September 9, 2016

A Noodle Story - Award Winning Singapore Style Ramen (Michelin Guide 2016)

A Noodle Story is founded by two young passionate chefs who ever worked in some five-star restaurants across the globe. Inspired by the sophisticated noodle dish on any high-end restaurant with a touch of hawker food scene, their signature collection menu is certainly gorgeous while the price itself is below S$ 6.00. No wonder last months, they got awarded by Michelin Guide 2016 as the must-try noodle stall in Singapore. With this kind of establishment, they will be long-lasted. Be sure to be the first to try this remarkable hawker food stall among your community. 

Strategically located in the office area of Singapore, make them really stand out and get the highest crowd during peak hour. Even though the long queue has been made for 1 hour, people still join the crowd. If we getting insights, we do realize the place itself is just small and not fancy at all, but this is the essence of hawker food scene in Singapore. Just like drawing on a blank canvas with zero expectations, your expectations might be quite low at the first time but after you getting closer with the food and their reputation your standard about good food has been lifted. From this point, A Noodle Story is honestly worth a try.

Dedicated to satisfying Singaporean's palate, the simple bowl of robust Ramen available in three different sizes (Small S$ 5.90, Medium S$ 7.20 and Large S$ 8.50) that simultaneously enjoyable. Featuring the springy thin noodle, topped with fatty slices of pork meat, half-cooked egg, prawn dumpling, and crispy potato wrapped prawn that results in undeniably delicious flavor. If we would like to analyzed one-by-one, each element is certainly made this dish stand out. The fatty slices of pork meat are particularly succulent and juicy while the half-cooked egg is just nicely oozy on that bowl. However, how they create that crispy prawn fritter is just exceptional, because the crunchiness is there followed by the moistness of that protein. Although the crispy prawn fritters tend to be everyone's favorite, my ultimate preferences belong to that prawn dumpling. Exceedingly smooth and well balanced.

What I need to say more about A Noodle Story is they just consistent with what are they doing. Each bowl has been delivered nicely to the customer and got the same quality between one to another. And yes, everything is handmade here and no preservatives. It is absolutely rare to find this criterion on other hawker food stall or even high-end restaurant because they feel what people's need. Redefine the common ramen bowl into more significant and affordable like this is truly outstanding. 

Overall, there is no lack of impression for this brand. They got a beautiful bowl of Singapore's ramen that embedded in the attractive presentation, good flavor, and complex settings. This recent finding would be a nice treat for foodies across the globe.

A Noodle Story
7 Maxwell Rd
Amoy Street Food Centre #01-39
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer
Operational Hours:
11.15am - 2.30pm (Lunch)
5.30pm - 7.30pm (Dinner)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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