Thursday, August 18, 2016

Uma Uma Ramen - The Rise of Hakata Style Ramen

60 years of establishment would never lie. Not only famous for their authenthic ramen bowl, Uma Uma Ramen is also admired for their simple side dishes as people behind the kitchen consistently come up with good methods of cooking. Although its not that fancy, this restaurant has been circulated around social media until now. 

What makes it interesting is that for people who aren't familiar with the Singapore ramen scene, this place is conveniently located five minutes from the Promenade MRT so yes, it's pretty easy to spot them. Actually the shop is not that big and consist of one long counter which showcasing the live cooking attraction. The highlights for Uma Uma Ramen is located at the simple and authentic design of it. Since it remind us the moment when entering a small ramen shop in Tokyo without any worry.

The menu itself is quite a lot. But recently my findings is surely the best one. Just follow this review and see how it is going.

The basic principle of any Japanese dining experience is having a delightful One Bite Gyoza (S$ 8.00). As it name suggests, one bites is just not enough for this. It's simple, dense, and meaty. I am quite impress with their effort to made that appetiser from scratch. However, they need to make it even bigger or thicker to satisfy your more. 

First call is belong to the signature one called Uma Uma Ramen (S$ 14.00). A peaceful combination between ultra-juicy chasiu and superb-smooth noodle, covered by spicy miso soup, then dressed by fresh veggies is just delicious. The major player of this dish is just that soup and of course the noodle itself. Once you slurp it, you will taste the richness of that soup and the thinnest noodle ever. Definitely interesting.

The fact that Spicy Chasiu Ramen (S$ 16.00) known as the best-selling menu is just exist. Many people seemed to be impressed by the spiciness level of that dish also by the generous presentations of it. Featuring the chasiu with spicy marinade, chilli oil, egg, leeks, and spring onions. Once you steer it, all of the aroma will be comes out and it will speak louder than words. Just taste it then.

While many people loving a ramen bowl with rich soup, some of them include me still prefer the dry one. Perhaps, this Tan Tan Men (S$ 14.00) is definitely your choice-to-go for those idea. It might be appear so simple, but the taste is just brilliant. Because there is a right consistency between saltiness, sweetness, and tanginess of each components. Sesame basem minced pork is undoubtedly taste really good. It's only available right here.

Embedded in time and experience, Uma Uma Ramen tend to deliver the most delicious noodles that made from a family recipe. With a robust and aromatic tonkatsu stock, each bowl is guaranteed to bring you to the satisfaction. Upgrade your noodle standard with them, now.

Uma Uma Restaurant & Bar
9 Raffles Boulevard #02-06
Millenia Walk
Nearest MRT: Promenade
RSVP: (+65) 62 350 855 
Operational Hours: 
11.30am - 2.30pm (Lunch)
5.30pm - 12.00am (Dinner)
5.30pm - 10.00pm (Sunday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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