Sunday, August 7, 2016

Skyloft - Verified Bar with Beautiful Downtown View

The competition is getting tougher and every single f&b industry need to escalate their game in order to be a winner. Skyloft at All Seasons Hotel Jakarta is bringing together the archipelago's most celebrated culinary icons that has been crafted from leading chef in Indonesia. Modernizing food scene and beautiful ambience has become their current attributes. Furthermore, they just create their own way to accept those challenges. Would they lasted? Of course yes.

Located deeply at the heart of Jakarta, this place is more than strategic and commercial enough for you to stay. The way they designed Skyloft is just simple and modern. A wooden furniture fused by priceless city view is truly remarkable. Especially they give you a chance to held a private event for corporate or birthday blast. No wonder the crowd is always stay there. 

Start from the appetizer called Chicken Mango Salad (IDR 75K). It might be appear so simple and colorful, but still the flavour is even better. The juiciness of chicken is there accompanied by the sourness of young-mango. The green also looks fresh anyway. Just make sure to combine every components in one spoon to get the right consistency between flavour and texture of this dish.

Second option for a big fan of healthy food is here, they just called this as Thai Beef Boutique Salad (IDR 85K). This one is not overwhelming, but it's just well balanced. Simple presentation for good flavour.

Escalade your local food game with this Skyloft Fried Rice (IDR 125K). When fragrant rice meet the ultra-juicy chicken and tasty yet spicy chilli, it's just the bomb. Every elements is just works really well in your mouth and don't be surprise if they'll caught you addicted into this. It's salty, well balanced, and beautifully presented. Time to dig in?

Still on the local food feast, this Bebek Lombok Ijo (IDR 175K) should be added on your table. Why? They called this as the best seller menu right now and probably it would never happened on any other restaurants. It might be appear so simple, but the taste is more than decent. The best part of this dish is located on that chilli and those protein while the rest of the component has contribute a certain level of tastiness. My ultimate recommendation for those who love spicy and tasty food is here.

Bounce back to the Western food known as Pave of Salmon (IDR 190K). This one is still new and more than fresh. The protein is nicely cooked and it's clearly shown from the bright pink layer on core. Also, I just love how they do the platting section and cut that protein in a proper way which is quite thick but still enjoyable. If you are a salmon fanatic, just try this anyway.

Best part is dessert as always. However if you are looking for the most light and soft dessert on earth, make sure to put Durian Pannacota (New) on your top list. It's just smooth, creamy, and sweet. Good choice to end up your meal. 

Beverage is play crucial part as well. Just take a look at their Mocktail menus and give it a try. Because it's not only refreshing, the freshness of every ingredient is just exist.

Skyloft is truly impressive. The spot is looks more than sophisticated from any different angle and yes they provide a really good menus as well. Make sure you won't missed this.

All Seasons Hotel, Thamrin
Jl. Talang Betutu No. 2
Kebon Melati, Jakarta Pusat
Nearest Area: Thamrin, Tanah Abang
RSVP: (+62) 21 39 00 010
Operational Hours:
6.00am - 1.00am (Weekdays)
6.00am - 2.00am (Weekend)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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