Monday, August 29, 2016

Riverside Indonesian BBQ - Rated 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor. Time To Check-In?

Riverside Indonesian BBQ is widely recognized as one of the great food stalls in the capital. Established in 1996, the growth of this spot is really significant and now the picture of their menus has been circulated around social media. The basic objective of their menus is serving an authentic hawker food in low cost which means everyone can afford them easily. As it name suggests, their current specialty is the brilliant Ayam Panggang Set or even Sotong Panggang Set. Both menus are not only attracting but also emphasizing the real definition of flavor and texture.

Having 12 outlets across the boundary, this stall is absolutely visible and reachable. The one that you see here is located at Food Opera as the modern food center in the downtown area of this city. Mostly of their store is just simple and small. There is a live grilling station on every single outlet to showcase all ingredients that they used here is just fresh and handmade. Even the sauce is also handmade to ensure the richness is there.

The scrumptious treat at Riverside Indonesian BBQ is truly Sotong Panggang Set (S$ 7.00). As you can see, that protein has been cooked to the perfection and drizzled with the special homemade sauce. The chewiness is there incorporates by the richness of that sauce. Perhaps, the rice itself is so fragrant and covered by salty curry sauce. If you are looking for the complete meal, just ask for an additional Vegetable (S$ 1.00). It is a combination of fresh coleslaw and carrot that has been dried and lighter. Of course, it really makes sense to be paired with that protein and rice.

Another extensive menu is Ikan + Sotong Panggang Set (S$ 8.50). As it name suggests, the major player on that plate absolutely belongs to both protein. The dish is comes balanced with special homemade sauce and sweet chili that complements the protein. It's delicious, crispy, and smooth. A simple presentation for big flavor.

Heading up to the all-time favourite menu at Riverside Indonesian BBQ called Ayam + Sotong Panggang Set (S$ 8.50). In this plate, you will get 2 different protein that surprisingly compliments each other nicely. The juiciness of that grilled chicken meet the softness of that fish is just melted in your mouth. Especially if you add more chili into it, the flavor has been burst out and become more significant. It tastes better than it looks, though.

Riverside Indonesian BBQ epitomizes simple local food stall with a great food and affordable price tag. No wonder the queue is just there even there is no specific meal time. Because people know the best.

Riverside Indonesian BBQ
2 Orchard Turn #B4-03/04
ION Orchard
Nearest MRT: Orchard
RSVP: (+65) 65 099 198
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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