Friday, August 26, 2016

Ming Jia - Korean Food Made Simple

The esteemed Ming Jia presented an authentic Korean comfort food in simplicity. Featuring their vast selection of signature dishes like Jajangmyeon or even Pork Cutlet to enrich your culinary experiences. Just come and enjoy an extensive Korean food.

Located in the Bukit Timah Plaza exactly West side of Singapore as one of the most unusual places for food and beverages, this place is surprisingly got an unstoppable crowd. Even during weekdays and office hour, people still pay a visit to this place. However, the place is not big actually. It's only capable of handling around 20 people and the spacing is tight. But still, people can sit a little bit longer here because the whole area is still warmth and comfortable enough. Suitable for casual meet-up then.

People who are excited with some light bites can go with the Cheese Toppokki. The chewiness of that rice cake meet the melted cheese on top and covered by rich spicy sauce is the scenario behind this dish. What makes it beautiful is absolutely that cheese. It does not only make it even beautiful, but it will adding more saltiness flavor into it. A simple dish that never failed to attract you.

Adding to an equally delectable dining experience is an array of noodle menus including Jajangmyeon and Cheese Ramen. One of the most talked dishes in Ming Jia belongs to both. These outstanding noodle dishes got a springy texture and topped by rich soup and fresh toppings. It is kind of thin but really smooth. Definitely worth the calories.

Korean food is calm and understated, while those seeking the most undeniably delicious flavor on that class, Kimchi Fried Rice at Ming Jia is tended to be the answer. The kimchi flavor is strong and intense while the rice itself has been cooked to the perfection. Another most interesting part of this dish is located at the bright sunny side up on the top level of that rice. It is not only adding some color to that plate, but the oozy of egg yolk is just fantastic. Foodies who take a lot of pictures should order this. 

As the most brilliant dish that looks not really sophisticated, Pork Cutlet is must-try one. It's crispy, juicy, and tasty. It is like a blank paper, my expectation is set to zero for this dish. But after taste it, surprisingly my standard has been redefined. Uncover the real flavor of that kind of presentation.

Ming Jia is really impressed me a lot. The food was nice accompanied by the friendly services as well. Just plan your visit anyway.

Ming Jia
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
#B1-07 Bukit Timah Plaza
Singapore, 588996
Nearest MRT: Beauty World
Operational Hours:
9.00am - 9.00pm (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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