Monday, June 27, 2016

Yuet Sang Seafood - Still Looking For Authenthic Salted Egg Chicken?

If you are kind of obsessed with good seafood dishes and authenthic chinese cuisine, probably Yuet Sing Seafood got the right one for you. Especially they are serving until late night, so there is no reason to skip this place actually.

Located at the Chinatown area, Yuet Sing Seafood is trully represent the traditional style of dining. But do not underestimate them, since they already got a several nomination from well-known media in Singapore by serving a good food with affordable price tag.

Start with their classic Sweet & Sour Fish (S$ 14.00). A simple chinese cuisine that taste beyond delicious. I do love how they slice that fish into a thin and soft layer and the complexity between those vegetable with tomato sauce it's just brilliant.

If you ask me to leave Yuet Sing Seafood without their signature Salted Egg Chicken (S$ 14.00), i just don't want. As you know this place has the authenthic one, and it taste beyond delicious. The sauce is rich and intense while that chicken is ultra juicy and tender. The presentation is minimalist. But it's not applicable with the taste.

You should know that Crispy Butter Squid (S$ 14.00) is quite good as well. I just love they cooked that squid until it has a right consistency between texture and flavour. Pretty interesting actually.

I know some of you always looking for the vegetables during chinese dining, probably Hotplate Beancurd (S$ 14.00) could be the answer. It is pretty standard somehow, just fairly entertaining.

For the green one, you can go with Pocay with Garlic (S$ 10.00). This one is nice. It's pretty fresh and aromatic.

Yuet Sing Seafood has impress me so far. But still all you need to taste is their Salted Egg dishes and Sweet & Sour Fish. The rest is quite standard.

Yuet Sing Seafood
70 Smith St
Singapore, 058968
Nearest MRT: Chinatown
RSVP: (+65) 97 717 427
Operational Hours:
12.00pm - 1.30am (Monday - Saturday)
12.00pm - 12.00am (Saturday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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