Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mongkok Dimsum - Are You Looking For Honest Chinese Food In West?

Talking about various dimsum collection, honest chinese food, and classic beverages would be related with Mongkok Dimsum. If you kinda obsessed about beautiful oriental cuisines for any different occasion, then it is your time to mark down for this spot.

From Geylang to Katong and now in Cheong Chin Nam Road, this restaurant has build their reputation across Singapore by having 3 outlets nowadays. Actually the place is specially designed for family dining. As you can see there are so many young couple bring out their kids and built a good conversation through food.

Let us look on some of the food that they better here. As the starter, Crayfish Roll (S$ 11.00/Small). The texture it's just right which is crispy on the outside and dense on the inside. I would not complain about the texture, however the taste is pretty standard.

I do admit that Salted Egg & Butter Prawn (S$ 16.00/Small) by Mongkok Dimsum is pretty satisfying in terms of flavour and texture. It is crispy, buttery, and rich. Technically it has been cooked perfectly while that beautiful salted egg sauce fused by butter seems to be playing a crucial role in accordance with taste.

Then, you should do consider about their Sweet & Sour Fish (S$ 12.00/Small) as well. Since i am a big fan of fish, i do think this dish is fairly good for some reason. Perhaps fresh and soft is a part of that reason.

The idea of replacing steam rice with Beef Fried Rice (S$ 6.00/Small) is absolutely right. Some people can argue that this dish looks minimalist, however the taste speak different. The high degree of complexity come from each components that has a various texture and flavour. Actually the most brilliant part of this dish located on that beef itself. It's more than juicy and tender for sure.

Three color tea (S$ 3.20) is a signature beverage at Mongkok Dimsum. A combination between grassjelly, milk, and tea could not go wrong. Yes i do agree if it's more than sweet and refreshing.

Mongkok Dimsum is simply great and affordable. The food here is satisfy me a lot. Even though some people could argue the price is relatively high, i do think it is still worthed actually. Since good food cost you more rather than cute food. Because you do buy the flavour not the presentation. 

Mongkok Dimsum
8 Cheong Chin Nam Road (Opposite Beauty World Centre)
Singapore, 599733
Nearest MRT: Beauty World
RSVP: (+65) 86 868 829
Operational Hours:
11.00am - 02.00am (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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