Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gourmet Dining Fisherios - The Real Fish & Chips In Singapore!

Gourmet Dining Fisherios offer you a few selection of seafood dishes mostly related to modifications of Fish & Chips. If you expecting an affordable British mandatory dishes with brilliant flavour and outstanding texture, then this place is well designed for you. Let's see what they have here.

Located in Takashimaya Shopping Center, this seafood stall is absolutely easy to reach. Basically, the place is pretty small and only a few seats available. During peak hour like lunch time or dinner, many people can join a long queue just to get a beautiful Fish & Chips dishes.

So far the most impressive Fish & Chips menu that i have ever tasted is belong to this, Mexican Fish Deluxe (S$ 12.90). The dory fish is cooked nicely, it has been covered by a thick layer of bread crumb & topped by tasty mustard sauce. Once you bite it, all of the flavour suddenly comes out followed by the right crispness level of that bread crumb layer and softness of that meat. Especially this kind of presentation looks more attracting rather than common Fish & Chips outside there. Make sure to try it while stocks last!

Then, for people who are looking for the Beer Battered Fish & Chips (S$ 11.90), this place will served you the great one. Just see how it looks so much interesting compared to the contender. Actually the beer flavour is not that strong. It is only a cover of that dory fish in case to elevate the freshness level of it. Mayonnaise, chilli, and tomato sauce is available on every single table. Just paired it with your dish to get the best flavour of your meal.

They also create their own French Fries. It is more thick and tasty. The amount of it also many, even it is more than enough for me. Also, they get a special promotion for those who are visiting this place during lunch time - Got a bowl of soup + any choices of meal + drinks (S$ 11.90/S$ 12.90).

I could say this brand has the most outstanding Fish & Chips menus compared to the common one. Even though the queue is pretty long for several period, i think it is totally worth to wait and try. This restaurant has nailed my top seafood list so far.

Gourmet Dining Fisherios
Takashimaya Singapore Shopping Center (B2 Floor)
391A Orchard Road
Singapore 238873
Phone: (+65) 67 381 111
Price Estimate: S$ 14.00 / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com
Snapchat: AaronHandajani


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