Friday, April 29, 2016

Artistry Cafe - For Better Coffee & Cake In Singapore!

Artistry Cafe Singapore is specialized in coffee and cakes. Basically, this kind of brand is a unique fusion between art gallery and cafe. No wonder, once you enter this area you will see a lot of paintings with a little touch of rustic furniture.

This cafe is never lack of customer. Serving 14 hours a day would be more than enough to attract more people who loves coffee and dessert. It is pretty spacious on the indoor area and refreshing on the outdoor area.

First time i come here, i just order a cup of Hot Latte (S$ 5.00) and the best seller cake called Red Velvet Coconut Cake (S$ 7.00). In particularly, i am pretty satisfied with both of them. The Latte is simply bold and strong. I can feel the right composition between milk, espresso, and foam. Also if you are a foodies or some kind of person who loves art, fred not their latte art is look stunning.

However, the cake itself is pretty sweet and soft. I do love the way they presented it right in front of me, simple and eye - catching. Then, i can feel the coconut topping has elevate the whole texture of it. Creating a slightly hard texture with a little touch of crisp. It is all works really well in my mouth.

Honestly, i feel surprised how the Artistry Cafe know me. During my visit, they do greet me and give me a special price because they know i am a Blogger. What a wonderful experience to getting closer with more people in my new home! #Thankful

Artistry Cafe
17 Jalan Pinang, 199149
RSVP: (+65) 62 982 420
Price Estimate: S$ 12.00 - S$ 25.00 / Person
Operational Hours:
9.00am - 11.00pm (Monday - Saturday)
9.00am - 4.00pm (Sunday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gourmet Dining Fisherios - The Real Fish & Chips In Singapore!

Gourmet Dining Fisherios offer you a few selection of seafood dishes mostly related to modifications of Fish & Chips. If you expecting an affordable British mandatory dishes with brilliant flavour and outstanding texture, then this place is well designed for you. Let's see what they have here.

Located in Takashimaya Shopping Center, this seafood stall is absolutely easy to reach. Basically, the place is pretty small and only a few seats available. During peak hour like lunch time or dinner, many people can join a long queue just to get a beautiful Fish & Chips dishes.

So far the most impressive Fish & Chips menu that i have ever tasted is belong to this, Mexican Fish Deluxe (S$ 12.90). The dory fish is cooked nicely, it has been covered by a thick layer of bread crumb & topped by tasty mustard sauce. Once you bite it, all of the flavour suddenly comes out followed by the right crispness level of that bread crumb layer and softness of that meat. Especially this kind of presentation looks more attracting rather than common Fish & Chips outside there. Make sure to try it while stocks last!

Then, for people who are looking for the Beer Battered Fish & Chips (S$ 11.90), this place will served you the great one. Just see how it looks so much interesting compared to the contender. Actually the beer flavour is not that strong. It is only a cover of that dory fish in case to elevate the freshness level of it. Mayonnaise, chilli, and tomato sauce is available on every single table. Just paired it with your dish to get the best flavour of your meal.

They also create their own French Fries. It is more thick and tasty. The amount of it also many, even it is more than enough for me. Also, they get a special promotion for those who are visiting this place during lunch time - Got a bowl of soup + any choices of meal + drinks (S$ 11.90/S$ 12.90).

I could say this brand has the most outstanding Fish & Chips menus compared to the common one. Even though the queue is pretty long for several period, i think it is totally worth to wait and try. This restaurant has nailed my top seafood list so far.

Gourmet Dining Fisherios
Takashimaya Singapore Shopping Center (B2 Floor)
391A Orchard Road
Singapore 238873
Phone: (+65) 67 381 111
Price Estimate: S$ 14.00 / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

Snapchat: AaronHandajani

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway - The Most Vibrant Hotel In Singapore!

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore, the first of a new 'Jenre' of fresh, friendly, and fuss - free mid - range hotels by Shangrila International Hotel Management Ltd, opened its doors to the public in Singapore today. The Hotel Jen brand delivers what matters most to guests. It is all about quality, comfort, and value are paired with honest, authenthic service; all underpinned by the important things done well without unnecessary fuss or intrusion.

Basically this hotel is well designed to meet the needs of these independent business and leisure travellers whether individuals, families or groups. Every single customer who are visiting this place for the very first time would be very satisfied with their interior design. It looks pretty modern, simple and artsy. 

Located at 10th Floor of Orchardgateway Building. Once you enter this area, you will see a Receptionist right in front of you. Deli counter at the right side, for you to take a complimentary Infused Water or buy some light snacks and more seating area at the left side from where you are standing now. Actually when i do the check in, all the process is pretty smooth and they hospitality is more than warmth.

Featuring fresh local products selected for flavour, fusion, and fun. Makan@Jen is an all day restaurant offering a blend of local specialties and international classics, while an 'OnTheGo' deli counter and free coffee and snack - box - to - go options after breakfast allow guests to get on with the things they care about most - life, travel and discovery. Then, if you are a night person and looking for a place to chill and relax for a while, Lounge@Jen is your right destinstion all the time. The place is more than comfort and relaxing. Especially they served you a wide - variety of cocktails, mocktails, and beer. Just enjoy your time with them.

CLUB ROOM (27m2)
Hotel Jen Orchardgateway sets to bring pampering of our guests to greater heights with the launch of Jen's Club Rooms with a touch of 'That Jen Feeling' of ease and appreciation. This brand new Jen Club floors is situated on level 18 and 20, the highest level of the hotel. It features a breathtaking panoramic skyline views of either Orchard Road or Somerset Road, added contemporary touch and access to the exclusive Club Lounge for guests to relax in comfort after a hard day's work.

Walk in through this room always remind me what is the real definition of 'Home'. It is totally comfort, spacious and everything packed in a great presentation. You can choose either King Bed or Twin Bed for your room and the bathroom is next to your bed. What impress me a lot is the mini window seat. From there you can see a beautiful cityview and it will elevate your staycation experience here. Also the fast, free WiFi everywhere would boost up your productivity. I can even say it is really help me to do my remote jobs as an entrepreneur.

Escape from the hustle and buzzle of the city, feel free to dip yourself at their Infinity Pool located at 19th Floor. The pool is simply huge, and nice. It is not too deep and safe for a children to swim here. However, the one that i love the most is the panoramic views of Singapore's dramatic skyline, including Marina Bay and CBD. Also at the side of the pool they offer you a mini bar called Baywatch@Jen in case of feeling tired after swimming, you can directly order some kind of food and drinks here. The Club Lounge is located on level 19, providing efficient service with exclusive check-in and check-out, daily breakfast and evening cocktails.

By the way, if you realized Hotel Jen is simply connected with Orchard Gateway Mall. For those who are loving to Shop & Dine with so many options, then this is the right time for you to stay in and take a look for every single tenant at the Orchardgateway Mall.

Orchardgateway Mall is Orchard Road's latest fashion mall with a wide range of international high - street fashion, mixed - label as well as indie fashion boutiques. Amomg its unique features are a dedicated Men's Zone catering to the trendy male shopper and an underground retail laine showcasing a cluster of international and local fashion blogshops.

Well known as the shopping mall for fashionista or even designer, this mall is trully dedicated to entertain every fashion enthusiasts to spent their budget and buy every single things that suitable with them. Ranging from International high - street fashion boutiques until Indie fashion boutiques. I think everyone who come here would find their new favourite outfit. Do not be surprised, if you can spent more money on clothes or even shoes here. Because this is the right place to get your new style.

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore provide you a 499 guestrooms with a choice of six room - types, ranging from 27m2 Superior Room to 41m2 Panorama Club Room. 25 minutes from Singapore Changi Airport, 35 minutes by MRT. The rate also starts from S$ 250++ - S$ 500++. Just choose which one is fit with your budget. Then, enjoy your staycation with Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore and tell me your unforgettable moment there.

You can get the same Stay, Shop & Dine experience too! Exclusively for my readers/followers only, Email with the promo-code ( STAYWITHJEN) to get an exclusive SGD50 shopping voucher from orchardgateway upon checking in at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore. So act fast as there are only 30 vouchers to be given out!

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway
277 Orchard Road, 238858
RSVP: (+65) 67 088 888
Closest MRT: Somerset (5 minutes walk)
Instagram: @hoteljenog
Facebook: HotelJenOrchardgatewaySingapore

Snapchat: AaronHandajani