Tuesday, March 29, 2016

MIDTOWN Bistro & Lounge - Indulge Yourself For A While!

Located at the heart of Jakarta in the SCBD area, MIDTOWN Bistro & Lounge is absolutely easy to reach. Brand new restaurants that offer a classical concept of dining, a space for midweek meeting, and a stage for live music performance along with DJs during late night party. Technically, the food and ambience here is something to be discover more and more.

Nice music, warmth ambience, and great food is absolutely here. Separate into two different floor, the first one is dedicated for bar and drink also for old style American dining experience. Meanwhile, the second floor of dining area is well-lit and decorated for a more intimate rendezvous atmosphere.
Dory Fish
Chef Parjiyo created a menu designed to keep people coming back for more with, a sometimes overwhelming number of options, our menu takes your palate on journey across the globe and back. Let say, their Dory Fish (IDR 98K) is up - to - the standard. I can say the fish is totally crispy and crunchy on the outside while it remains soft on the inside. Then, when it get paired with the mashed potato and simple salad. All of the flavour suddenly comes out and taste pretty great for sure.

Seafood Aglio Olio

Nasi Campur
Another option is Seafood Aglio Olio (IDR 110K), a spaghetti with scallops, mussles, squid & dory tossed with extra virgin oil, basil chiffonier, garlic flakes & dry chili. This one taste pretty smooth and rich of flavour. For the Asian flavour, you can go with Nasi Campur (IDR 80K). A Balinese traditional dish, comes with ayam betutu, vegetables, egg, balinese spices, tempe, and sambal matah. Really suitable for those who are looking for the true flavour of our local food.

Molten Chocolate Pudding

Since dessert is pretty important nowadays. I would like to recommend you their Molten Chocolate Pudding (IDR 65K), a beautiful baked chocolate pudding with a volcano of warm melted chocolate inside. Also if your are looking for the fresh and fruity one, you can go with MIDToWN Classic Apple Crumble (IDR 60K), a classic dessert with unexpected flavour and minimalist presentation. Both of them is really popular here.   

MIDTOWN BIstro & Lounge definitely satisfy me with their food and ambience. I love their Dory Fish much, while the other food also taste great and have a pretty good texture. Then, when it comes with the ambience, I do think this spot is simply comfortable and you can spend more time here.

MIDTOWN BIstro & Lounge
Jalan Tulodong Atas 28 
Corner of Senopati & SCBD 
South Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (+62) 21 5274088
Price Range: IDR 100K - 150K / Person
Operational Hours:
10.30am - 1.00am (Monday - Thursday)
10.30am - 2.00am (Friday - Saturday)
10.30am - 10.00pm (Sunday)
Instagram: @midtownjakarta
Website: http://www.midtownjakarta.com

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com


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