Friday, April 1, 2016

HOG (House Of Grill) - Great Steak House In Jakarta!

Steak house are aplenty in Jakarta, but the real one are rare like eclipse. Located in the Plaza Indonesia, HOG well known as House Of Grill currently serving the most tender steak in downtown. Now you can even find value - for - money options in steak house and in the heartlands of Jakarta.

I am absolutely impress with their ambience. It is absolutely glamorous, full of sparkling accessories, and rich in style. Then, the way they present it is just right. Not too much, but it does eye - catching all the time. Pretty suitable for those who are looking for elegant fine - dining experience.

Before we move on to their prestigious signature dishes, first of all the Executive Chef of HOG - Chef Teguh give some simple introduction about how to grill any kind of steak along with an example of good quality steak along with the composition related to it.

According to health and safetyness level of serving, any kind of steak should be cooked at least medium well. Medium well, is a right condition when the outer layer of that meat has turned into dark brown, while at the inside it remain pink and fresh (within 60degree celcius). Probably, if you are a big fan of medium rare steak, start from now you need to avoid it. Except that meat is totally high - quality and fresh.

If you ever visit Swiss, then you should know this. Entrecôte, at first glance absolutely stunning. This is the most popular signature dishes by HOG that you must try. Techincally, the way Chef Teguh cooked that meat is exceptional. I can feel the meat is totally juicy, moist, and rich of flavour. There are only a few spices that they used for that meat which is blackpepper and salt. Since the meat is pretty tasty, i can say it is not necessarily covered by any specific sauce, unless their mushroom sauce as a compliment.

Then for the light appetizer, you can go with a bowl of Seafood Salad. I can say the presentation looks so simple, but not for the flavour. The complexity between that fresh seafood blend really well with the aromatic vegetables and olive oil. It is absolutely fresh, delicious, and pretty entertaining.

Your search for a good steakhouse would be end right here. HOG (House Of Grill) totally proof me the true definition of steak house. Excellent meat plus unbelieveable cooking skill and glamorous ambience is really attract me all the time.

HOG (House Of Grill)
Plaza Indonesia (5th Floor)
Jalan MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
Central Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 299 24 999
Price Range: IDR 350K - IDR 1mil / Person
Operational Hours:
10.00am -1.00am (Everyday)
Instagram: @hog.etc



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