Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bakmie Ayam Gombong by Pak Tris - Best Noodle Stall In West Jakarta

Noodle is everything to us. How can you resist a bowl of noodle? It is absolutely rich of flavour, good looking, and up to the standard. There are so many type of noodle in the entire world, but in #Jakarta you must try Bakmie Ayam (Chicken Noodle) which is a hawker food. Probably there are so many sensational Bakmie Ayam in our city, but Bakmie Ayam Gombong by Pak Tris is totally deserved your attention.

Yamin Ayam

Located at Grenville area - West Jakarta, this noodle stall is totally crowded during lunch time. It does not even matter how long the waiting time just as long as you get a bowl of delicious noodle. Since they only provide 2 dining table here, no wonder the area is totally small and captivating. I totally impress with their Yamin Ayam (IDR 15K) which is a bowl of chicken noodle topped by sweet soy sauce. Technically, the noodle is so smooth and has been cooked nicely. Also the chicken is simply tender, rich of flavour and totally delicious. 

Bakmie Ayam 

Then, if you are preference goes to the common one, i think their Bakmie Ayam (IDR 15K) absolutely satisfying in terms of flavour and texture. Also, a piece of Fried Wonton (IDR 1K / each) and Fried Meatball (IDR 5K / each) could be your option for appetizing side dish. 

Bakmie Ayam Gombong by Pak Tris definitely impressive for me. I have been compared it with around 20+ noodle stall in our cityscape, but this one totally undeniable and makes me feel satisfied. Local food at it's best is right here.

Bakmie Ayam Gombong by Pak Tris
Komplek Green ville Blok AW
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Price Estimate: IDR 25K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 03.00pm (Everyday)



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