Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Martabak Dodo - Remarkable Martabak Stall In Jakarta!

Martabak is the best local food in the entire history. Nominated as the world's best 50 food by Business Insider, this type of food always leave us a remarkable aftertaste. Overseas residents would be very happy with this findings once they visit Jakarta.

Honestly, there are so many Martabak stall in Jakarta. But none of them is pretty unique like this. Martabak Dodo is a new entry in F&B Industry, they only sell a wide selection of Martabak in sweet and savoury flavour. But their passion in this field of food, has direct them to become more popular right now. I can say popular because there are so many television channel from local and abroad has do the live screening of their product along with live interview with the owner as well. Let say RCTI, a well known TV channel keep on exposing this product lately.

Martabak Red Velvet Oreo Cream Cheese

You will be surprised once you taste their Martabak. It is absolutely sweet, rich of flavour and the texture is just perfect. That is why i do recommend you to try this. Well, for the very first time go try Martabak Pizza Red Velvet Oreo Creamcheese (IDR 95K), a perfect dessert all the time. The martabak is looks alike pizza, totally sweet, and chewy at the same time. Once you bite it, all of the flavour suddenly comes out and you would not feel any regret to taste it. 

Martabak Two Tone Skippy Choco Cheese

Moving on to another option, feel free to try Martabak Two Tone Skippy Cheese (IDR 95K), a two layer of sweet martabak topped by peanut butter cream, cheese, and sweet condensed milk. Also for those who are avoiding high sugar food like this, you can try Martabak Telur Kornet (IDR 45K), a great local food with delicious and salty flavour. Both of them is pretty satisfying in terms of flavour and texture. Just choose which want suit you well.

Martabak Telur Kornet

Martabak Two Tone

Martabak Dodo has impressed me with their product nowadays. It is rich, affordable and delicious. Just follow your appetite and choose what you want here.

Martabak Dodo
Jalan Lapangan Bola No. 5C
RSVP: (+628) 52 800 08 050
Price Range: IDR 50K - IDR 100K / Product
Operational Hours:
4.30pm - 1.00am (Everyday)
Instagram: @martabakdodo
Facebook: Martabak Dodo

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com

MIDTOWN Bistro & Lounge - Indulge Yourself For A While!

Located at the heart of Jakarta in the SCBD area, MIDTOWN Bistro & Lounge is absolutely easy to reach. Brand new restaurants that offer a classical concept of dining, a space for midweek meeting, and a stage for live music performance along with DJs during late night party. Technically, the food and ambience here is something to be discover more and more.

Nice music, warmth ambience, and great food is absolutely here. Separate into two different floor, the first one is dedicated for bar and drink also for old style American dining experience. Meanwhile, the second floor of dining area is well-lit and decorated for a more intimate rendezvous atmosphere.
Dory Fish
Chef Parjiyo created a menu designed to keep people coming back for more with, a sometimes overwhelming number of options, our menu takes your palate on journey across the globe and back. Let say, their Dory Fish (IDR 98K) is up - to - the standard. I can say the fish is totally crispy and crunchy on the outside while it remains soft on the inside. Then, when it get paired with the mashed potato and simple salad. All of the flavour suddenly comes out and taste pretty great for sure.

Seafood Aglio Olio

Nasi Campur
Another option is Seafood Aglio Olio (IDR 110K), a spaghetti with scallops, mussles, squid & dory tossed with extra virgin oil, basil chiffonier, garlic flakes & dry chili. This one taste pretty smooth and rich of flavour. For the Asian flavour, you can go with Nasi Campur (IDR 80K). A Balinese traditional dish, comes with ayam betutu, vegetables, egg, balinese spices, tempe, and sambal matah. Really suitable for those who are looking for the true flavour of our local food.

Molten Chocolate Pudding

Since dessert is pretty important nowadays. I would like to recommend you their Molten Chocolate Pudding (IDR 65K), a beautiful baked chocolate pudding with a volcano of warm melted chocolate inside. Also if your are looking for the fresh and fruity one, you can go with MIDToWN Classic Apple Crumble (IDR 60K), a classic dessert with unexpected flavour and minimalist presentation. Both of them is really popular here.   

MIDTOWN BIstro & Lounge definitely satisfy me with their food and ambience. I love their Dory Fish much, while the other food also taste great and have a pretty good texture. Then, when it comes with the ambience, I do think this spot is simply comfortable and you can spend more time here.

MIDTOWN BIstro & Lounge
Jalan Tulodong Atas 28 
Corner of Senopati & SCBD 
South Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (+62) 21 5274088
Price Range: IDR 100K - 150K / Person
Operational Hours:
10.30am - 1.00am (Monday - Thursday)
10.30am - 2.00am (Friday - Saturday)
10.30am - 10.00pm (Sunday)
Instagram: @midtownjakarta
Website: http://www.midtownjakarta.com

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com

Sour Sally - The Next Generation Of Frozen Yogurt!

Everyone is now a big fan of froyo (frozen yogurt). If you have not try this local brand which is almost impossible, then Sour Sally is a must try yogurt in Indonesia. Low fat, pretty sweet and rich of toppings, this frozen yogurt is kinda essential for every foodie nowadays.

Sour Sally start their first business in 2008, around 8 years ago. First of all, they just launch a white skim yogurt in Senayan City Mal with a few selection of topping without any sauces and crumbles. But now, they already do some rebranding and put a new variant called Black Sakura Yogurt to elevate the good quality of their brand. Having around 19 outlets across the country, also proof us about their reputation in Indonesia.
Choice Of Sauces

Choice Of Crumbles

Riche White Skim Yogurt 

Riche Black Sakura Yogurt

Then, all you need to taste here is the most famous Riche Black Sakura Yogurt (IDR 62K), basically a healthy yogurt consist of 3 fruits, 1 sauce and 1 crumble is dedicated to maximize your body metabolism also lifting up your mood for sure. Comes from the idea of charcoal and sakura, this froyo is simply sweet and creamy. But, for those who are looking for the common one, i think their White Skim Yogurt is simply great. 

Actually they have 3 different sizes of cup, from small until large. Ranging from 1 until 3 topping, feel free to choose which one do you like the most. For the topping itself, i do recommend you to try at least 1 fresh fruit (usually peach) mixed with the crumble and sauce. The best one for crumble so far is goes to almond and red velvet crumble, also the granola one is simply entertaining. Then, for the sauce it is absolutely must try their Cookie Doh Sauce (biscuit and caramel) and Taro Latte Sauce (taro and blueberry). Both of them is absolutely yummy.

From 1 December 2015 until 30 April 2016, they have some Instagram Photo Competition to win a trip to Japan. Just simply take selfie with your froyo and use hashtag #CakepCakepBelepotan. Winner will be announced by their team soon. Good luck!

Sour Sally
Central Park Mall (LG Floor Unit #252)
West Jakarta, Indonesia
Price Estimate: IDR 50K / Person
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)
Instagram : @soursallycoid
Website : http://www.soursally.co.id

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Best Burger Trends In Jakarta!

Lately in Jakarta, gourmet burgers is suddenly get hype. People would afford to buy it even though the price tag was not cheap and it can cost them a bomb. Many restaurants or even cafes always put some claims as a specialist in burger dishes. Then, who is the real one?

After takes more time to taste so many burger joints in Jakarta, finally i can summarise all of it right in this place. Thank God for the opportunity to share this guideline! 

Here you go, The Best Burger Trends In Jakarta That You Would Not Missed!

1. The Ultimate by Coffee Kulture
Baywalk Mall Garden TG05
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu 1 No. B1
RSVP: (021) - 296 21 281
Instagram : @coffeekulture

Actually this is the most unique burger on the list. Featuring two slices of bun that comes from fried charcoal bun, this burger is absolutely taste really different than the usual one. It is slightly more dense and heavy compared than the usual one. Then, what makes The Ultimate (IDR 69K) beautiful is the powerful composition between crispy bacon, juicy meat, and of course the sprinkled onion with kyuri. Once you try it, all of the aromas will be comes out and get ready to be addicted with it.

2. Nomz Grilled Chicken Burger by Nomz Kitchen & Pastry
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jl. MH Thamrin
Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 235 81 211
Instagram : @nomzjakarta

A superior big burger featuring grill chicken, cos lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, and guacamole definitely interesting. This type of composition sounds strange, but honestly Nomz Grilled Chicken Burger (IDR 95K) taste pretty match and really tasty on your mouth. You will love the juiciness of that meat paired with the chipotle mayo. Then, when it goes to your mouth, it will create a happy feelings in every single way. Along with that for the extra calories, just taste their thick and crispy french fries as the complimentary gift to feed your tummy.

3. Lord Of Bacon by Publik Markette
Central Department Store East Mall - Ground Floor
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) - 23581281 / (021) - 23581282
Instagram : @publikmarkette

Lord Of Bacon is taste so tasty and definitely affordable. Although it looks so heavy and dense, it tasted pretty amazing. A combination between ham, crispy pork belly, spam, and arnold sauce with additional fried egg on top create a strength texture and flavour. Paired with some french fries make it even more entertaining. Good in every single way.

4. Bulldog Burger by Cafetaria Jakarta
Jalan Tanjung Duren Raya No. 1C
Beside Family Mart and Kungfu Tea

Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat
RSVP: (+62) 21 989 85 764

Biting into this really is messy, but it will be more than worth it. Bulldog Burger (IDR 50K) consist of smoked beef, tomato, cheese, lettuce, onion ring, and BBQ sauce. Have it with some potato wedges to add extra fun and calories.

5. Black Charcoal Burger by Sweethut Jakarta
Rukan Cordoba Blok E No. 12
Jalan Marina Indah 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
RSVP: (+62) 882 133 52 869
Instagram : @sweethut_indo

Sometimes all we need is a fresh and delicious hand-made burger without too much topping inside of it. I do think Black Charcoal Burger at Sweethut Jakarta features a minimalist presentation and totally defines a substantial piece of burger to make a better taste. They served it with a side of fries, i think you need to try it.

6. Fish Burger by The Hook
Jalan Cikatomas II No. 35
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
RSVP: (021) 275 13 528

Fish Burger, Why Not? Unbelieably juicy and soft, this Pacific Burger absolutely be my recommendation to you all the time. Consist of cheese, crispy fish meat, sunny side up, fresh lettuce, moist tomato and organic salary, this type of burger would be your right decision once you try to avoid beef or chicken for a several period of time. Simply entertain us all the time.

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com

Top 8 Croissant In Jakarta!

Good croissant is pretty hard to find. It should be soft, flaky, shatter - crispy, tender and airy for sure. Lately in Jakarta, the latest trend of unusual croissant is get more attraction. From salted egg croissant until ovomaltine croissant is available right here. Then, thing that matter the most is not every cafe in downtown could turn a butter - based dough into a pastry that's simultaneously tender and crispy. More experience and dedication to perfection would be reveal here, so where is the real MVP (Most Valuable Player) now?

Fred not, this guide will assist you more about where to find a perfect croissant in Jakarta, straight from the pastry case. Just take some notes and plan your visit. I warn you now.

1. Salted Egg Croissant by Nomz Kitchen & Pastry
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jl. MH Thamrin
Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 235 81 211
Instagram : @nomzjakarta

Originally from Hong Kong, now this delightful pastry has been landed in Jakarta. Several cafe in the heart of Jakarta has been served it like Nomz Kitchen & Pastry, Joi Bakery, and many more. No wonder why this type of croissant get popular instantly. It is totally Instagenic and rich of flavour. Each bite into the crust was filled with a crunchy and buttery sensation plus that melted salted egg lava. I have try several outlet in Jakarta and Singapore, but the real and natural one still belong to this - Nomz Kitchen & Pastry.

2. Chocolate Croissant by Suisse Bakery and Confectionery
Blok A No. 5
Jalan Hayam Waruk 114
Tamansari, Central Jakarta
RSVP: (021) 639 34 09
Instagram : @suissebakery

Chocolate Croissant is essential nowadays. Almost every bread house and cafe in Jakarta always put this type of french pastry on top of their best seller list. But none of them has proof me more than this - Suisse Bakery and Confectionery. This legendary bakery show me the delicate crust of chocolate croissant which cracks with a beautiful crisp around the surface area, revealing an airy and soft inside, with circular twirls. The flaky crust is bound to leave crumbs on the plate, but it makes eating croissant more memorable. 

3. Croissant Taiyaki by Taiyaki Pattiserie
Central Park Mall
Instagram : @taiyakipatisserie

Croissant Taiyaki is originally from Thailand. A hybrid product of Croissant and Taiyaki with beautiful texture and sweet flavour. Once they launch a year ago, Instagram feeds are being spammed with Croissant Taiyaki. If you like croissant, probably you gonna like this. It does crispy, flaky, soft, tender, and dense. What make it beautiful is the gorgeous presentation of it.

4. Almond Croissant by Crematology Coffee Roasters
PX Pavilion (Ground Floor)
St. Moritz, Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat
Instagram : @crematology

Almond Croissant is totally gorgeous. It is quite sweet, but it is simply crispy, flaky and of course soft at the core. Meanwhile, in Jakarta there is not so many cafe who are serving this type of pastry and the one that Crematology Coffee Roaster served here is absolutely great. I can feel the richness of the butter meet the flakiness of that pastry paired with the beautiful almond topping. Also once you come here just grab some latte, because they are specialised in coffee and own a brewing machine to ensure the good quality of coffee for every single customer.

5. Croissant with Smoked Chicken & Cheese by The Caffeine Dispensary
Jl. Kelapa Kopyor Raya Blok 01 No. 16
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
RSVP: (021) 452 01 09
Instagram : @thecaffeinedispensary

Croissant could be modified into a simple breakfast dishes or even main course, probably like the way The Caffeine Dispensary do, it is totally attract many people to savour it also discover more about this type of french pastry. Honestly, this one is totally brilliant. The crunchiness and flakiness of that croissant meet the powerful aroma of that smoked chicken and saltiness of the cheese is simply match when it goes to your mouth. Then, a fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomato and onion could be a colourful topping to lifting up the whole presentation of it. Minimalist presentation for bolder flavour.

6. Ovomaltine Croissant by Nomz Kitchen & Pastry
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jl. MH Thamrin
Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 235 81 211
Instagram : @nomzjakarta

Do not you love the sweetness of ovomaltine sauce meet the crunchiness of croissant? Fred not, this one available in Jakarta right now. The idea behind this looks so simple, but honestly it does not easy at all. The right amount of ovomaltine sauce should be added into the croissant, while the croissant itself should be crispy and flacky on the outside, then soft and airy on the core to be match with that filling. Nomz Kitchen & Pastry has been implement it rightly and guess what it now become really popular. 

7. Original Croissant by Joi Bakery
Jalan Outer Ring Road
Golf Lake Residence Rukan Paris No. B-22
Cengkareng Timur, Jakarta Barat
Instagram : @joibakery

Dedication for perfection. Everything is handmade here, once i go to their outlet the owner called Chef James Omar introduce me about everything related to french pastry and guess what his personal bakery sell the most beautiful croissant all over the time. Their Original Croissant (IDR 15K) has a perfect texture, crispy and flacky on the outside while it remain soft and airy at the core. Everything runs well here.

8. Matcha Orange Croissant by BEAU 
Grand Indonesia (East Mall 1st Floor)
Central Department Store
Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (+6221) 299 24 257
Instagram : @beaujkt

Located strategically in the Central of Jakarta, BEAU cafe offer you a fresh baked croissant in many variant. Lately they just launched this, a Matcha Orange Croissant (IDR 35K++) with minimalist presentation and superior flavour. Honestly the texture of that croissant is simply satisfying, even though it is not perfect i can say it is good, compare to the common one. Then the one that impressed me a lot located on the flavour of that croissant, it is not that sweet, simple and absolutely rich of aroma. This type of innovation could be more popular in Jakarta.

I am so happy with these findings. So many good croissant in Jakarta with affordable price and close location. Just follow your appetite and enjoy!

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com

TixTon - Simplest Solution to Non - Refundable Hotel Rooms

Travel is a part of our lifestyle nowadays. According to Visa Global Travel Intentions Study 2015, Indonesian residents who spent more on traveling increased rapidly year by year. As we know, traveling should be related with hotel room service. People would book their hotel room as soon as possible, when they got a plan to have some trip.

Good point if we can make sure everything runs well on our schedule. But there is some condition where we suddenly to cancel our trip because of one or two reason. Despite the fact we just imagine to stay in a nice hotel room, we could waste our money at the same time. Since many online hotel agent would not refund our payment once we cancel it. We could not do anything for this.

TixTon come at a right moment. The first online travel platform in Indonesia who offer a flexibility in booking hotel room. Giving a consumer a chance to sell they cancelled hotel room with 30% direct return from the original price with a form of TixTon credit.

Founder of TixTon Asia

Once consumer have another plan for booking a gorgeous hotel room across SEA (South East Asia) or maybe district of Indonesia, then they can use that balanced as a real money to book that hotel room without any worries. TixTon ensure the safety of online reservation during this time. Also they will guarantee the available hotel room at their site is far more cheaper rather than any online hotel agent outside there.

Just followed this step to getting closer and step up your knowledge about TixTon.

1. Open TixTon homepage (www.tixton.com)

2. Press login - fill up the customer information page 

3. Just press buy (beli) for searching an available hotel room / press sell (jual) for get your 30% return

4. Fill out your personal information properly (Either you want to sell your room or buy a new room)

5 . Done. You will get your credit 30% from the original price for sell or you will find the cheaper hotel room for buy.

Also to celebrate the grand launching of TixTon they give a balance worth IDR 200K directly to your account after you sign up. Just follow that simple rules. Enjoy and spread this good news with the other.

Alfredo Setiabudi 
Managing Director of TixTon
E : alfredo@tixton.com
M : (+62) 878 350 37 268

W : www.tixton.com

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com