Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Hook - Fresh Seafood From Arafura Sea

The Hook is founded on the belief and commitment to provide only the best quality seafood that are sourced locally. The best in terms if quality and safety. Main concern is to represent the most tastiest and cleanest seafood in Jakarta.

Pretty spacious and warmth. A big light bulb fused by rustic and classical wallpaper seems to be the main idea of their interior design. This area capacity is around 100 people. Depends on the tables setting.

Prawn Shaslik
Within this kind of presentation, usually people will love to try it. Basically it is a grilled banana prawn with BBQ Sauce. Just get some confirmation that the prawn is caught by traditional fishermen in the Arafura Sea. That is why, this dish looks like elegant and pretty unusual. It taste so fresh and delicious.

Fish Roll Satay
If you like to taste a light seafood dishes, then Fish Roll Satay could be your option. Minced grouper on lemongrass stick. Technically the fish has been grilled nicely. The whole flavour mostly comes from the chilli dip sauce. Could be entertaining sometimes.

Hot & Sour Fin Soup
A grouper's fins and tails spicy soup. People who are asking for a warm seafood dishes, should be have this. Not really special but taste pretty good.

Coconut Prawn Soup
Simple dishes with magnificent flavour. A combination between coconut based soup and banana prawn surprisingly match and taste so delicious. Once you bite it, the freshness of that prawn will be comes out while the aromatic flavour of that soup will indulge yourself more and more.

Steamed Grouper (Whole Fish)
The Hook signature dishes is right here. Basically, the fish is so smooth and fresh. Even the grounds flavour of it has been removed nicely. It then combine with soya herb sauce which is not really tasty but simply aromatic. In terms of flavour and texture, i could say it is definitely satisfying.

Prime Admiral Ribs
This one is quite spicy. People who are avoiding chilli, would not really suitable with this. The sauce actually taste pretty good but somehow for me the fish itself is not really good compared to the previous dishes for sure. 

Pacific Burger
It is totally hard to find a good fish burger in town. But Pacific Burger will be my recommendation to you. Basically the patty is soft and airy. Then, when it combines with the crispy grouper filled i do think it is perfectly match and simply entertaining. Interesting idea to enjoy a seafood dishes with western influence.

The Hook's Aglio Olio
Classic pasta dishes with uncommon topping. Basically, the pasta is cooked nicely and it is pretty satisfying in terms of flavour and texture. But, somehow for me the topping is not that match with the pasta. A slice of spicy rica - rica fish grouper should be stand alone. Because the pasta itself already have a significant flavour, so if they paired it with the rica - rica fish, the original flavour of that pasta has been disappeared. All you can taste only the spiciness of that fish, and the pasta seems like a compliment.

Vanilla Pannacotta
Refreshing dessert with minimalist presentation. If we talk about the pannacotta, actually it is so soft and smooth. Then, when it paired with the stawberry compote all of the flavour has turned into good. I think this is the safest dessert on earth which means every people should be like this. Not really special, but quite good.

Orange Blosom
Outstanding presentation with simple flavour. I did not really impressed by this, but some people stand on the opposite side from me. I can say the slice of orange is totally fresh and juicy, then when it mixed with the mint sauce all of the flavour seems to be unusual and pretty sweet. They just want to do a little twist for it. However, for me this dish not really stunning.

The Hook offer you the most freshest seafood dishes in town. I can say their signature dishes taste really good, even though some of their light bites not really impressive. But i do enjoy my time here. Mingle with my fellow bloggers and keep being productive. Definitely a good place to having a big portion of seafood dishes all the time.

The Hook 
Jalan Cikatomas II No. 35
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
RSVP: (021) 275 13 528
Price Range: IDR 75K - IDR 125K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 11.00pm (Everyday)



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