Thursday, February 11, 2016

ST. ALi - From Melbourne to Jakarta!

Like the discovery of most commodities, coffee was highly prized, mostly misunderstood and appreciated for its medicinal purposes. We’re talking about the 15th century, here. The beginnings of the ST. ALi Family in South Melbourne in 2005 placing a strong ethos on quality beans and unique brewing methods. Then, after having a good reputation for more than 10 years, now ST. ALi has expanding their business into ASIAN countries, one of them is in the capital city of Indonesia - Jakarta. Just opened a week ago, this well known coffee joint has become the talk of the town. Probably it is still new, and the search for good coffee is absolutely here.

Classic on the cover with sophisticated details. The place is quite big, located at the office building and easy to find. Caffeine junker would be very happy to find the latest technology of brewing machine, enjoying some manual brew coffee, and trying the coffee cupping session. Fred not, it does not cost you a lot.

St. Ali Chicken Burger (IDR 135K)
People who are facing a long queues should have this. A premium chicken burger served with salty french fries. The patty is made from crispy chicken fillet and it lack of flavour. But fortunately, an additional mayo sauce could level up that flavour. Somehow, it looks pretty simple and does not fancy at all. They just offer you a bigger portion for this.

Chicken In A Shopping Basket (IDR 135K)
Well presented but not really satisfying at all. The chicken is not that crispy, but it is juicy. Then, the spices is pretty simple. I can feel they put a lot of salt and pepper on it, but i could not find the rest. 

My Mexican Cousin (IDR 155K)
If you like corn and fritters plus poached egg, then this dish is your right decision. A combination between corn fritters with poached eggs, grilled halloumi, corn, cucumber salsa, kasundi and green salad simply entertaining. The crispiness of that corn fritters meet the melting egg yolk would be my favourite part of this dish.

Hot Latte (IDR 45K)
The best part of ST.ALi is their coffee. It is pretty aromatic and strong in terms of flavour. Once you sip it, you will find a remarkable aftertaste and it will proof you how good this latte compared to the other contenders. Beautifully presented with superior flavour.

ST.ALi is a perfect place to having a sufficient amount of caffeine. The food here is not that special, and somehow it sounds so pricey. I will be back for their latte or even cappucino for sure.

ST. ALi Jakarta
Setiabudi One (Building 2, Ground Floor)
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
Price Range: IDR 85K - IDR 150K / Pax
Operational Hours:
07.00am - 18.00pm (Everyday)



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