Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mitzo - Breakfast with the city view of Singapore!

Breakfast is essential every single day. Just by consuming a sufficient amount of protein, carbs or even fat you will get an extra energy to lifting up your day. In Singapore, there are so many unexceptional restaurants that offer you a wide - variety of local food fused by western influence. Perhaps, you only feeling confused to decide which one fit with your standard. Mitzo is a good destination for you to fuel up the day. From hokkian mee until dimsum, or even toast bread until chocolate danish absolutely available right here. Let me take you closer to what it is look!

Comfort and pretty spacious. Walk in through this area feels like home. The way they designed this restaurant absolutely brilliant. It is not so fancy, but i feel it is really elegant someway. 

Strolling around the station and you will see a lot of food categories, ranging from authenthic local food to delightful western food. When some people ask me, from where should i start, then all you need to do just follow your appetite. The bacon is so crispy and tasty also the sausage is pretty crispy and juicy. If you are a big fan of omelette, just put your order on the assistant chef there. Then make sure you would not skip the dessert section. Because the best part of this area somehow located at this categories. Make sure to try some typical french pastry like: chocolate danish, mini muffin or even croissant. I think you will enjoy this.

Overall, there are so many reason to discover a good place for having breakfast in Singapore. Mitzo is a typical restaurant that impress me all the time. Located strategically in downtown and provide an unforgettable breakfast experience. Will be back here soon.

Grand Park Orchard Level 4
270 Orchard Rd
RSVP: (+65) 660 38 855
Price Range: S$ 30.00 - S$ 50.00 / Pax
Operational Hours:
12.00pm - 2.30pm (Lunch)
6.30pm - 10.30pm (Dinner)



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