Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Koultoura - West Jakarta Has Their Own Coffee Shop!

Living in the West side of Jakarta makes me happy. It takes only 8 minutes by walking to reach a popular coffee shop in the city - Koultoura. Founded by the member of Axio Photography, this well known cafe recently become the talk of the town for a years ago. Offering a lot selection of western food and beverage, this typical coffee joint would never make you bored.

Well decorated and good looking. The whole area has fused by wooden furniture and colorful wallpaper. It seems to be classic and rustic, but in a good way. 

Potato Wedges
I visit this area mostly on the afternoon, and a simple light bites like Potato Wedges always be my right decision. The potato skin on the outside absolutely crunchy and crispy. Technically, they has cooked it really well. Then once you bite it, you can feel a sufficient amount of salt and pepper has been added into this food just to make it more tasty and delicious. In terms of flavour and texture, it is pretty satisfying.

Bulldog Burger
A simple western burger filled by sunny side up, juicy patty and fresh vegetables absolutely a good deal. I can feel the bun is soft and moist, while the other ingridients has created the whole flavour of it. Not really special but it is worth to try. 

Dark Chocolate & Cake Crumbs Darling
I am quite picky when it comes with dessert. But who can resist a dark chocolate donut? To be honest, this one is yummy. The donut is thick, airy and soft. Meanwhile, the dark chocolate layer is a great part of this. Not too sweet, but it is smooth and intense to be match with the donut. You should try this at least once in a lifetime.

Ice Latte
A sufficient amount of caffeine is available right here. You can order a cup of latte with nice art on top of it or the chilled one. It is pretty strong in terms of flavour and acidity level actually. People who are not really suitable with their coffee, could order the green tea latte or even some juice.

I never find this place lack of customer. They have a good baristas, well prepared dishes and nice services. Whenever you have some free time, you could spent it here. Just enjoy a cup of your favourite beverage along with the desserts, and you will be happy like me.

Taman Ratu Indah Blok AA2 No. 33
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 295 - 20 - 310
Price Range: IDR 65K - IDR 100K / Pax
Operational Hours:
09.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)



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