Friday, January 1, 2016

Waha Kitchen at Kosenda Hotel - Reveal a decadent dining experience!

Located strategically in Central Jakarta, Waha Kichen at Kosenda Hotel is a fast paced restaurants that served international cuisine. Over the past two years, Waha Kitchen at Kosenda hotel has been famous enough in our cityscape and attracted many culinary experts to taste it. The great hospitality and the brilliant idea to elevate some home cook dishes has been their trademark until now. Somehow when you missing your home cook dishes, this place could be your destination.

The crowd is almost there. Honestly, i'm a typical person who love to spent my free time in the leisure and comfort cafe or even restaurant. Possibly Waha Kitchen at Kosenda Hotel never betrayed me with their ambience. Whenever you enter this area, the warmth and homey atmosphere is ready to served you. Adapting the midcentury modern interior design, this area is capable to be enjoyed all day long.

Savoury Fish Cake (IDR 52K / IDR 88K)
For some of my friends who stay in the neighbourhoods country, let me introduce you here an Indonesian Fish Cake well known as Savoury Fish Cake. Possibly in many countries, this typical dishes is not available at all. But as an Indonesian residents, we are all very familiar with it. Actually the fish cake itself is quite chewy and dense, whenever you bite it all of the fishy flavour will be come out. To get the best result of this, make sure to combine that fish cake along with the spicy vinegar sauce on side. 

Oxtail Lempah Soup (IDR 63K)
A nicely cooked oxtail served with the traditional yellow soup flavoured with tamarind and shrimp paste definitely tasty. I do love the moment when i sip that soup for the very first time. All of the aromas has been come out and it's not really overpower at all. Actually the meat is simply juicy and tender and whenever you bite it, you will know the true flavour of that meat since it has been absorbing all of the flavour of that soup. 

Nyonya Style Chap Chai (IDR 83K)
Chinese cuisine fused by western culture has turned out to be good. Nyonya Style Chap Chai is a simple dishes that can be enjoyed by all ages. I do love the freshness flavour of that vegetable. In fact is quite hard to get the high quality vegetable in our cityscape later on due to insolvable weather condition. Simply entertaining!

Lemon Chicken (Christmas menu)
A deep fried chicken covered by thick flour served with lemon sauce definitely impressive. Probably for some people, this menu sounds so simple or easy to make. Honestly, i do agree with that. But the only reason why i love this, just because of the crispiness level of it hit my personal standard. While the cover is so crispy, the chicken on the core still juicy and tender. That's absolutely a good fact behind this dish.

WAHA Steamed Fish + Salted Egg Fish (New Menu)
Possibly steamed fish is the common version of chinese dishes, but when it comes in two tone with the salted egg one. Is it match? Yes, it is! I do love the idea to combine that two different dishes. The complexity in one plate is just right. Whenever you feel lazy to order two different fish cuisine, (Maybe because of the price or even the size) you can go alone with this. Absolutely a good treats all the time!

Hokkien Mee (IDR 88K)
Another best seller menu from Waha Kitchen at Kosenda Hotel. For those who are looking for a good and tasty noodle in this area, Hokkien Mee could be your right decision. The noodle is so thick. I do love the saltiness level of it and some seafood topping on top definitely enjoyable. It's definitely boost up the whole flavour of it and create some additional texture in to this plate. Good choice!

Singapore Chilli Crab (New Menu)
Somehow i miss those wonderful chilli crab in my neighbourhood country, Singapore. Whenever i do some trip there, this typical dishes is my personal favourite for sure. But fortunately, this Singapore Chilli Crab has been landed in Jakarta. Actually the sauce is pretty different with the common version in Singapore. This one is quite thick, and not really intense in terms of spices or even seasonings. But i do love the way they cooked that crab. Techincally the crab is cooked nicely, the meat is so soft and the shell is still red which means not overcooked. Before i forgot, they will served this with a portion of Pitta Bread. So, no need to be worry about some additional carbo like rice or even mantao anymore. You could enjoy this start from early 2016.

Waha Ice Kachang (IDR 58K)
A shaved iced with cin - cau grass jelly, fresh coconut, lychee, kolang - baling, cremed corn, rose syrup, palm sugar and vanilla ice - cream definitely entertaining somehow. Whenever the weather turned to be so hot, this typical dessert is suit you well. It could be lifting up your mood for sure. Absolutely sweet!

Cafe Latte (IDR 40K)
For those who are looking for a cup of coffee in this area, no need to be worry anymore since they have some common selection of coffee menu. The coffee itself has been supplied by Common Grounds which means the coffee itself has a high level of acidity and strong in terms of caffeine amount. If you are not really capable to enjoyed this strong coffee, i do recommend you to order the frappucino one. Possibly, it's more light and sweet.

This not - so - new restaurant totally impress me all the time. The ambience was nice. The hospitality it's just warmth. Also they have put a good standard for their menu. Especially for those who are looking for a place to celebrate some usual event, this area could be your option. 

Waha Kitchen at Kosenda Hotel
Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 127
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Price Range: IDR 100K - IDR 200K / Pax
Operational Hours:
24 hours (Everyday)



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