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Hao Chi Chinese Restaurant - Reveal the true flavour of Chinese cuisine!

For those who are living in North, you'll be pleased to find this good Chinese Restaurant right close to you. Hao Chi Chinese Restaurant is a re-branding version of Shin - Shin Restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area. Probably, they are still closed for public until now. Because of the renovation is on progress. But i got a chance to do a F&B Photoshoot for their menu. Such a great experience to taste their product, do some review for it also having some F&B Photoshoot session. Whenever you feel so bored with the usual chinese restaurant, i do think this is your time to taste a brand new product in the first quarter of 2016.

3 Kombinasi
Start with the appetisers. Probably cold cuts is the usual one. So, if you're looking for the oriental dish, i do think 3 Kombinasi is really suitable for you. A combination between Paikut Goreng Spesial (Pork), Shrimp Roll, and Mayo Shrimp Ball absolutely great. Also with this kind of presentation, i bet it would be spark your eyes for a while. 

Angsio Haisom
Have you ever heard about Haisom? Actually Haisom is a Sea Cucumber well known as Teripang in Indonesia. It's totally hard to find a good quality Haisom dishes in our cityscape, since cooking Haisom is pretty difficult. My grandmother always love to cook this typical dishes whenever it comes to chinese event or family gathering. She can cook it pretty well, so does with the Hao Chi Chinese Restaurant do. A composition between every single ingredients on that bowl is works really well with that sauce also the steam rice. My family always love to eat this because it's totally low fat and full of nutrition. Make sure you taste it!

Hotplate Tahu
Possibly this typical dishes is the most common one in any Chinese restaurant. But the one that Hao Chi Chinese Restaurant served here is pretty satisfying in terms of flavour and texture. It's totally rich of flavour and the bean curd is definitely smooth. I do love that not - spicy sauce. The whole flavour of this dish is located on that sauce folks.

Casio Panggang
Move on to meat section, possibly Casio Panggang it's a must once you visit this place. The meat is totally juicy and tender. Pretty aromatic when you smell it and the way they served it absolutely make me mouthwatering right now. Could you imagine, if it's served right in front of you? 

Samcan Panggang
You couldn't go wrong with Samcan Panggang. Every single Chinese restaurant should be have this. But the only reason why i recommend you this, just because of that layer. Could you find a better layer of Samcan Panggang rather than this? On top of it is the crispy layer which is the crispy pork skin, three and fourth layer is the fatty layer while the rest would be the full meat section. Actually they use two layer of fat just in case of dry while cooked it. The fat layer will keep the juiciness of that meat while it cooked. You gonna like this!

Bebek Panggang
Roast duck is essential nowadays. In case you're looking for the quite tasty and well presented one, i do think this one is really suitable for you. But one thing that they missed here is the crispiness of that skin. Probably they cooked it too long, so it's quite dry when i find it. 

Udang Tim Bawang Putih
The shrimp is steamed nicely while the sufficient amount of garlic has been added into it just to make it more aromatic and tasty. It's not overpower for sure perhaps the presentation is too focus with many garlic. Probably for seafood fanatic, you will like this.

Kepiting Soka Telur Asin
I do recommend you this just because the flavour is too GOOD to be true! The soft-shell crab is cooked perfectly while the salted egg sauce has been dominate the whole flavour of it. It's simply crispy and rich of flavour. Really suitable to be served with hot steam rice.

Lindung Cah Fumak
I do love eel when it comes with chinese cuisine. So far this one is quite good. While there's some Chinese restaurant out there that is specialised in this typical dish. The sauce is not really strong. I could say it's lack of flavour and need to be added some more seasonings. But the eel is cooked nicely. I can feel the crispiness and crunchiness of it in single bites. Probably if they can fixed this, it would be pretty nice to be served all day long.

Sapi Lada Hitam
Your search for a good beef dishes will be end right here. Technically the meat was cooked nicely, the tenderness and juiciness is all there. The blackpepper sauce also simply tasty. Especially the presentation was extraordinary. It's totally indulge myself for a while.

Cumi Goreng Ala Thai
If you're a spicy dishes fanatic, i do think this dish would be really suitable with you. Meanwhile the squid was not - overcooked, and that red sauce on top has elevate this dish into the next level. Actually the sauce is nice. It's full of spices and simply spicy. As i'm love spicy food, this typical dish is fit with me.

Bihun Singapore
This one is good to be shared! The beehon is simply smooth and dry which means have a pretty good texture. I do love the way they cooked the beehon. I can feel the aromatic stir - fried fragrance while the right amount of soy sauce has boost up the whole flavour of it. Also a fresh prawn and some typical vegetables has been added into this dish just to create a lil different experience whenever you taste it. Absolutely recommended!

Nasi Goreng Yangchow
Well known as white fried rice, this typical dishes absolutely impress me all the time. It's totally full of toppings and rich of flavour. You wouldn't believe it until you taste it. Probably i could finish it all by myself. How about you?

You're expectation for good Chinese restaurant should be fit with this. Hao Chi Chinese Restaurant have a plenty of good chinese dishes that you should try. The one that i listed here is probably the most recommended one, while the other also taste pretty good. They will be open for public in the first quarter of this year. Prepare yourself to be the first person to taste it!

Hao Chi Chinese Restaurant
Ruko Cordoba Blok A No. 8
Bukit Golf Mediterania 
Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 569 85 899
Price Range: IDR 75K - IDR 125K / Pax
Operational Hours:
11.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)



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