Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Caffeine Dispensary - Premium coffee joint with huge spaces!

Located strategically along Kelapa Gading area, The Caffeine Dispensary is a premium coffee shop with huge yet fancy spaces. Walk in to the indoor area, you will see a minimalist concept of interior design fused by the thematic idea from Singapore popular coffee joint called - Revolution Coffee. Actually they are owned by one coffee counsellor called Adjie. He born in Jakarta, but now already moving to Singapore for more than 20 years. Continuing his success in Revolution Coffee, now he got some idea to open a very new branch in Jakarta with similar concept and unique accessories - The Caffeine Dispensary. I haven't got a chance to visit his coffee shop in Singapore area until now, but probably in the next month i'll try it. But honestly, this area is totally impress me so damn much!

If you follow some Food & Lifestyle Bloggers on Instagram lately, chances area, you would have seen a pretty similar coffee shop like this in many countries, especially Singapore. That iconic huge spaces with less table setting and simple lightning, this coffee shop is dedicated for non - commercial used. They have a large coffee machine (If you ever heard about Strada, La Marzocco USA, or many more) and a spaces for cupping session. To be honest, this coffee shop is simply amazing. They have a simple light bites, lot selection of coffee cup and a coffee accessories (Probably glass, V60, and the other).

Espresso White (Espresso + Milk)
3 oz (IDR 25K)
5 oz (IDR 25K)
7 oz (IDR 30K)

Less is stronger! Did you know a small amount of that number means your cup of coffee would taste pretty much bold and intense?! To be honest, i'm quite surprise to find their menu. Since in any other coffee shop always have to said cappucino, or maybe latte on their menu. This hip coffee joint wouldn't do the same anymore. They just follow an iconic coffee menu in any other countries to make it more interesting for you folks. If you ask me to answer the definition of 3oz, 5oz, or 7oz, well it's just a number of milk level in your cup. So, for those who are loving a cup of coffee which is bold and strong, i think 3oz should be really suitable with you. But if you love the light one, then 7oz could be your answer.

Iced Latte Gula Jawa (IDR 45K)
Never ask for white sugar syrup, since they won't used it anymore! But no need to be worry anymore, since they used a gula jawa for replaced that white sugar syrup. Probably it will create a different sweetness level also could be influencing the whole flavour of your coffee, but surprisingly i'm pretty enjoyed while taste it. The coffee is much stronger here, while the right amount of milk level could balance the main flavour of it. Pretty great!

Smoked Beef & Cheese (IDR 55K)
Move on to the main course section, actually they only served you 3 different kind of menu in that categories. Despite the fact it sounds so minimum and less, i do recommend you to taste this. A beautifully cooked croissant served with smoked beef and cheese. I do love the crispiness level of that croissant while the other topping has been dominate the whole flavour on your mouth. Simple but pretty entertaining!

To be honest though, i do enjoyed every single things here. They have a great concept of coffee shop and a unique trademark to impress every people who comes in to this place. Also every single cup that they served here is up to the standard. So, if you are looking for a nice space with great coffee section and some cool baristas, then this coffee joint should be your next destination. Must try folks!

The Caffeine Dispensary
Jl. Kelapa Kopyor Raya Blok 01 No. 16
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
RSVP: (021) 452 01 09
Price Estimate: IDR 50K / Pax
Operational Hours:
11.00am - 09.00pm (Everyday)


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