Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shirokuma - Christmas Wonderland!

Christmas season is here! Strolling around the city and my search for a good Christmas dessert finally end here. Probably there is so many cafe in Jakarta that served holiday theme cake or even sweets, but none of them is over - creative like them - Shirokuma.

Christmas Dessert Plate
If you think this season is a perfect time to have any cute dessert with a delicious and sweet flavour, i do recommend you this - Christmas Dessert Plate. A combination between matcha ice cream, vanilla pannacota, green tea brownies, and santa strawberry definitely works well in your mouth. I do love the matcha ice cream which is very tasty but less sweet. Also the pannacota have a good - brilliant texture, smooth on the core and soft on the outside. Probably the only weakness here is the brownies. It's totally dense and hard sometimes. But overall it taste pretty good.

Christmas Tree Parfait
The best way to enjoy this holiday season is by having Christmas Tree Parfait. The sugar cane is so fluffy. While the vanilla ice cream definitely smooth and milky. I do love the simple combination between both of them. Also the presentation is too adorable for sure. Simply entertaining!

Christmas Panda Cone
Whenever you feel bored with the common dessert, i do think Christmas panda Cone could be your another option. It comes from a vanilla ice cream mixed with mini oreo, petite strawberry with lil cream and choco astor along with the cone. Actually it taste pretty standard. But somehow we eat our food with our eyes too, right folks? 

Galaxy Snowman
This is uber - duper cute! A soft snowman stand in the crispy waffle and covered by sweet sugarcane. When i visit their outlet on weekend, i do find many kids order this menu. It's not really surprising at all. Since this menu looks so big and adorable at the same time.

Safe Our Snowman
This one absolutely MUST TRY! Probably there are so many option to have a christmas dessert, but honestly Safe Our Snowman is definitely impressive. A great composition between vanilla ice cream, matcha sauce, matcha cookies, soft mochi and rough brownies is currently addicting. A single spoon of it will reveal the true flavour and texture of it. Not too sweet, but it's pretty complex. Great idea!

For those who are missing those Christmas dessert, feel free to visit Shirokuma in any side of our cityscape. They has several outlet until now and probably gonna expand more in the upcoming year 2016. Let's try!

Grand Indonesia Mall (West Mall Lt. 3A)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 297 04 981 ext: 970
Price Estimate: IDR 75K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)



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