Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Marco Padang Peranakan - The Most Premium Padang Cuisine in Jakarta

Located strategically in many shopping mall of Jakarta, Marco Padang Peranakan lately become the most popular restaurant that served the authentic style of Padang cuisine. Owned by group of PT. Arya Noble and PT. Marco Culinary Concepts, Marco Padang Peranakan has 4 outlets until now and keep on stable with their F&B business. Dedicated for everyone who love to taste the extraordinary Indonesia cuisine, Marco Padang Peranakan will be a great destination for every food lovers.

Actually during this time, i would like to introduce you the latest outlet of Marco Padang Peranakan - located in Pondok Indah Mall Jakarta. Combining two different situation and fused by natural freshness, the brand new outlet of Marco Padang Peranakan could get the highest traffic in this area. Despite the fact the indoor area looks pretty cool and warmth, somehow you also need to across to the outdoor area to taste a natural ambience mixed with modern furniture. Possibly, two different ambience is a great way to entertain every customers who comes in to this place.

Randang Itam Kayu Bakar
This dish has been nominated as the best seller dish all over the time, while the fact is every single people that live on this earth would love to taste it. Probably the way they served this Randang is definitely different with the others. They need to cooked it for around 8 hours just to get a nicely cooked beef with intense and aromatic flavour. It's not really authentic, since they combine two type of good Randang in this nation. But honestly, it taste so GREAT!

Gule Kambing
A tradional recipe from the older has teach Marco as the Executive Chef of Marco Padang Peranakan to create this - Gule Kambing. Combining for more than 27 different spices all over the countries, this Gule Kambing definitely rich of flavour and tasty. This typical dishes is the one that you can eat all over again!

Soto Padang
Home cooked is never failed to attract me all the time. A combination between simple soup with many kind of spices, slices of meat, beehon, and indonesian potato fritters absolutely MUST TRY! I won't lie to you, it has a different texture than any single type of soup. It simply smooth, rich of flavour and the most important one is full of toppings. Probably they served it really simple, but i couldn't blame anyone since it taste so good.

Barramundi Panggang Pacak
In particular, people love to eat - Barramundi Panggang Pacak and so do i. A perfectly cooked Barramundi fish covered by spicy and tasty sauce is pretty decent. They has been nominated this as their signature dishes and i couldn't agree more. Since it taste so yum from every single bites of it. This lovely creation from Marco Padang Peranakan could be sell in 5 star restaurants. I do believe it!

Ayam Lado Ijo
In some cases, Ayam Lado Ijo is taste so nice. Maybe it seems so simple and quite similar with the one that any other restaurants sell right now. But honestly the main flavour of it is pretty good. Since the chicken is cooked nicely. Simple presentation won't be bothered me anymore!

Pete Kacamata
It's crispy yet fancy. Probably the most entertaining dish i've ever taste in this restaurant. Since pete is an authentic Indonesian vegetable, i do recommend you my folks to taste it. Beware it's quite spicy, so for those who doesn't love spicy food could be avoid this. Honestly, it's really tasty and delicious to be served as a food compliment.

Martabak Kelapa
The only reason why Chef Maro bring back this dessert is because his childhood memories. Since he was a kid, he always loved to taste this simple dessert all day long. It consist of coconut, cheese and cake layer. So far i do love this dessert and do recommend you to taste it. The flavour is pretty sweet and the texture is just right. Great concept of dessert!

Es Durian Sumatera
Have you ever heard about Sumatera? For those who still don't know where is that word comes from, honestly it was a commercial district of Indonesia. If you ever come to that place, probably this type of dessert has been pretty popular as a street food or even hawker food. For me the way that Marco Padang Peranakan served it is unusual and fancy. Honestly, the main flavour of it is quite simple not really special at all. But everyone who love durian won't leave this place without this.

Jus Pinang muda
Simple juice with uncommon flavour. I not really fit with this one honestly. But for some people, they really like it. Since it taste not too sweet and have a dense texture. It comes from chef hometown and dedicated for everyone who love home cook.

Es Kopi Padang
Innovative creation from Marco Padang Peranakan. I do love this somehow. It taste pretty similar like local coffee with sufficient amount of caffeine. The familiar flavour of it is the main reason why i do recommend you to try it. 

Brand new concept of Marco Padang Peranakan definitely impress me all the time. Welcoming them to Indonesia culinary scene such a great way to enjoy authentic Padang cuisine. Whenever people ask me to recommend them great restaurant that served beautiful local food, Marco Padang Peranakan would be comes first in my mind. I'll be back here again soon. For those who haven't taste it yet, now it's your time to proof it. Let's try!

Marco Padang Peranakan
Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall (2nd floor)
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Blok. 3B 
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan
Price Range: IDR 75K - IDR 125K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com


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