Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kroma Koffie & Kiosk - The hippest coffee shop in downtown!

Kroma Koffie & Kiosk is a coffie joint located on a 2nd floor of small container in Gandaria area. Just launched a month ago, this unique and hippest coffee shop has get many exposure from young entrepreneur, blogger also the foodies as well. Well known with their white and modern interior, this spot absolutely a very right destination for those who are playing aroung with Instagram. Not really spacious, but it's just comfortable enough to sitting around this area and sipping a high standard cup of coffee. 

Choco Milk (Hot: IDR 30K / Ice: IDR 32K)
Probably the most original and authentic chocolate milk that i've ever taste lately. It's so fragrant and thick. Since it's quiet hard to find a good hot chocolate in downtown, i think this coffee joint could be your right destination for it. Actually they served it in a big bottle, so you can enjoy it slowly (While pouring that hot chocolate into a small glass is totally entertaining for me). Minimalist and less is more!

Caffe Latte (Hot: IDR 28K / Ice: IDR 30K)
Couldn't believe this Caffe Latte is quiet satisfying for sure. It's fruity, less acidity, and smooth. I can feel, they have a good knowledge in coffee - making. The composition it's just right. Not milky, but i can feel the milk has leave a good mark on my mouth when i sip it. Totally worth to try!

To summarize, this place definitely entertain me for a while with their minimalist and white atmosphere. A cup of coffee and hot chocolate that they served here probably my favourite right now. Also they have an outdoor area for those who are smoking or even need a natural view into downtown. I know this place is quiet small, but for me it's not a very big problem folks. Just try it!

Kroma Koffie & Kiosk
Jl. Gandaria I No. 57A
Price Range: IDR 25K - 35K / Pax
Operational Hours:
15.00am - 22.00pm (Everyday)



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