Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Filosofi Kopi - A story behind every single cup of latte!

Continuing the successful story behind the artificial movie called "Filosofi Kopi" that has been played  in cinema all around Asia, now Filosofi Kopi back in the cityscape of Jakarta with brand new cover. Located more further in Bintaro area - South Jakarta, this coffee joint has attract me to pay a visit to their store (PS: As you know, the first store located in Melawai - South Jakarta). Let's check it out!

A pretty simple coffee shop with not - so - many accessories. Possibly this coffee shop is dedicated for every single person who really concern about a good quality of coffee. Not a fancy place, but it's simply comfort and i saw many people love to stay a lil bit longer at this area.

Greentea Latte (IDR 25K)
Somehow the definition of good green tea latte is quite confusing, since every single people has a different standard about green tea flavour. But for me, the one that Filosofi Kopi served here is pretty good. Not too sweet, high level of milk, and simply warmth. I do love the green tea powder has leave a remarkable movement on my tongue. That's mean that green tea has a good little texture.

Red Velvet Latte (IDR 28K)
I spent my time here with my best friends. Actually my friend is a typical person who love to try something new and for her the Red Velvet Latte is something that is unusual. I do agree with her. Since there are not many coffee joint who served this. Basically this Red Velvet Latte is pretty sweet. If you order this, do not put any additional sugar. Because i do think the sweetness level of it is pretty high. 

Churros (IDR 20K)
Every single coffee shops nowadays always served some good selection of light bites. Me recently try the Churros one and honestly it taste so GREAT! The good way to eat this is simply grab the churro and dipped it into the dark chocolate sauce. All the sweetness, the crispiness and the chocolate flavour will be blend well in your mouth. Absolutely must try!

There is some essential part in any coffee shops nowadays which is a high standard of coffee also a pretty nice ambience. For me, Filosofi Kopi has a good quality of coffee and a simple area to enjoy the coffee. Probably it's not really suit my standard, but it's totally worth to visit this place. Affordable price is the biggest point of this coffee joint.

Filosofi Kopi
Jl. Bintaro Utama I Blok F2 No. 5
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Price Estimate: IDR 30K / Pax
Operational Hours: 
4.00pm - 11.00pm (Everyday)

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com


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