Friday, December 25, 2015

Fiesta Nugget - Elevate the good quality of instant home cook!

Me recently feel so lazy to going out somewhere. But i do think this is a very good moment for me to practice cooking with my mom. Actually she is the expert on home cook, while i'm the senior in food review (PS: Sounds contradict? :p). When practicing home cooking, probably it should be start with the easiest one and my preference goes to Fiesta Nugget products. Actually the main reason i choose this product is because of the whole ingredients and nutrition facts behind all of it. Second things, the packaging of their product is simply nice and it's all sealed the product properly. So, no need to be worry about anything since your product is safety for cook and eat.

Fiesta Keecho
The easiest thing to cook in home is frozen food. But again, you need to choose it wisely since there is many frozen products out there without any license and won't be beneficial for our body. Different with this one, Fiesta Keecho offer you a good quality product with a combination between minced chicken and fresh shrimp along with the aromatic seaweed. I do love the crunchiness of it. Possibly, it would be nice if you enjoyed this type of product since it warm.

Spicy Chicken
Guilty pleasure folks! I do recommend you to taste this, since it's pretty simple to cook and the whole flavour of it is absolutely amazing. The chicken is so tender and juicy. Because this product already full of spices, an additional topping or even more seasonings is no needed.

Mixed Vegetable Nugget
A combination between juicy chicken filled with vegetable filling is simply entertaining. If you have some little kids or maybe for those who doesn't like veggie but need some prime nutrition from it, i do recommend you to taste this. 

Fiesta Alphabet 
My childhood memories is related to this. I always love to play with my food and somehow the only things i do with it is rearrange the name of myself. Well, that's the fun things to become a child for sure. In terms of flavour, it will be no different with the previous one. Since it comes from the juicy and tender chicken. Probably if you cooked it nicely, the crunchiness and crispiness level of it will be boost up. So far i do like this.

I do think everyone gonna love this. Home cook dimsum is pretty simple as this. The siomay itself is simply tasty and juicy. It's not overpower, but in single bites you will know the whole flavour and main ingredients of it. Pretty good!

Fiesta Cheesy Chicken with Broccoli
I'm quite surprise to know that Fiesta have this type of product. Actually i'll recommend you to have this whenever you need a practise home cooking because of the cheesy flavour of it. The whole filling of it is absolutely tasty and addicting. When i give my whole family this product and after they taste it, luckily they give some good feedback about it. That's why no more doubt to say, you should try it!

Fiesta Crispy Burger
Burger at home? Why not? It doesn't even make sense if people say Burger is a very difficult dish that need some skills to cooked it. Because Fiesta Crispy Burger proof it wrong. I can cooked it easily without any worry and surprisingly the simply topping like cheese and veggie would be works really well to be mixed with that product. Simply great!

Fiesta Chicken Loaf
Possibly the most DELICIOUS product from Fiesta Nugget. It's pretty similar like Spam but it contain no pork. So it would be safe for eat by every single community. I do cooked this product with some scrambled egg, spring onion, and fresh corn. Guess what? It taste so yum! The recipe is pretty simple. Just add a Fiesta Chicken Loaf, cut it square size and cooked it with some egg along with the spring onion also fresh corn. Simple seasonings like salt and pepper should be used with (My recommendation is two table spoon for both of it). Then, it's done! You can served it with hot rice or even chips just the way you want. 

Overall, Fiesta Nugget products is definitely impress me with every single flavour of it. It doesn't even make sense if people could resist this, since home cook is very essential nowadays and this product could be your life - safer. Just try it and get ready to be home chef for your family!

Fiesta Nugget
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