Monday, December 14, 2015

Colette & Lola - Introduce you the latest Christmas Hampers & Christmas Cake!

Welcoming this year's Christmas, Colette & Lola is presenting an exciting series of limited edition Holiday Hampers, along with 3 special Christmas edition cakes and 5 new big cakes - all available at Colette & Lola cakes studio and online at from December 2015.

Sweet Box (IDR 350K)
Containing 8 boxes of cookies and a greeting card. Probably not too full or even fancy, but the it's pretty simple to be given for your lovely one. The Rainbow Butter Cookies is pretty impressive folks!

Santa's Surprise (IDR 500K)
If you are looking for the medium size of Christmas Hampers, i do recommend you to try this one. 12 boxes of cookies, a calendar set, a greeting card and IDR 50K voucher for big cake would be included on this package. 

Jolly Basket Deluxe (IDR 850K)
Maybe this Hampers it the most complex one that i've ever seen lately. Containing 12 boxes of cookies, 2 jars filled with snow white cookies, a tumbler filled with chocolate balls, a gourmet chocolate bar, a calendar set, a greeting card and IDR 100K voucher for big cake. It's definitely a very big deal!

Rudolph & Dasher (IDR 225K/each)
It looks so Christmas! Couldn't agree more if people always looking for this cake. Despite the fact that the presentation absolutely gorgeous, i do think that the flavour is pretty impressive. Actually the brown one is a combination between crispy hazelnut with nutella while the white one has a unique composition between vanilla chiffon and strawberry jelly. Probably if some people ask me to recommend them some Christmas cake, i would say that Rudolph could be your right choice. Have you ever imagine a nutella and crispy hazelnut in single bites? Then, go for Rudolph!

Winter Wonderland (IDR 275K)
Another christmas theme cake is Winter Wonderland. A white snow cake with different layer of marie biscuit sponge and snowman macaron. Actually it's not really sweet, but i can feel the marie biscuit has been create a unique texture into this cake. Simply my favourite!

Marie Me (IDR 230K)
It's pretty similar with the previous one. But in Marie Me, they has been added some tea and milk ingredients, also covered by fresh whipped cream. Probably every kids gonna love this. So do i!

Berry Blush (IDR 265K)
Your search for a unique and tempting yogurt cake will end right here. A vanilla chiffon filled with yogurt mousseline also fused by strawberry jelly absolutely YUM. I do love the yogurt flavour which is fresh and smooth. So far this one is the most fresh cake i've ever taste in this cafe.

Operaccino (IDR 265K)
Probably opera is already boring, but Operaccino? I don't think so. A dark chocolate sponge with macchiato butter cream and french chocolate ganache absolutely complex. The cake is pretty decent with the presentation and most of all every single people who visit this cafe would be ask for this. Since it's still new, go grab fast!

Chocolate Angel (IDR 210K)
The presentation is pretty nice while the chocolate ganache on the core absolutely my favourite. Basically this one is a pure chocolate cake soaked with chocolate ganache and air - whipped ganache. Honeslty, it's not really overpower yet the best. But, it's more common for us to find it in daily basis.

Ovomilo (IDR 275K)
If you are looking for the most tempting and scrumptious cake on earth lately, i do think Ovomilo is the right choice for you. Look at that layer full of choco and crunchiness. Don't you love it? Honestly it comes from chocolate chiffon sponge with bavarian cream and milo milk jelly, glazed with ovomaltine on top of crispy milo base. Every people gonna love this. Believe me, it taste pretty good for sure!

Both the new cakes and Christmas cakes from Colette & Lola are available for dine in and takeaway. Since happiness is best when shared, every single customers can also choose to order Colette & Lola big cakes and Christmas hampers for delivery through their website or phone call below. Take a bite and experience a taste of Colette & Lola's sweet dreams. May the tale of cakes and dreams continue with you.

Colette & Lola
Puri Indah Mall, Ground Floor
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Hotline: (021) 290 07 997
Price Estimate: IDR 250K / Whole cake
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)



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