Monday, November 30, 2015

Holsteins Milk House - Home for Fresh Milk!

Your search for a pure and natural Fresh Milk will end with Holsteins Milk House. To entertain every big fan of Fresh Milk, Holsteins Milk House is ready to introduces their signature Fresh Milk along with some selection of dessert and simple Indonesian food as well. Created to please everyone from different ages especially the youngsters, Holsteins Milk House is a great way to enjoy a delicate Fresh Milk in the next level. Scroll down for more info!

I do love the white and minimalist concept of their interior design. Especially every corner of this area has been filled by unique frame also a nice and great accessories as well. Thankfully, for the restaurant owner who recognised me and my friends during our visit last week. It's been a honour for me to get known by them!

Fresh Milk (IDR 18K)
I particularly loved their Fresh Milk because it's so natural and less sweet. With a minimalist and modern bottle like this, i think it's totally Instagenic from every single side of it. Perhaps a fancy packaging is not needed for Holsteins Milk House, who takes consistency in every single bottle of their Fresh Milk.

Overall, this area is totally impress me all the time. I find that a white ambience has been applied in many coffee shop at Jakarta, also in Holsteins Milk House. Basically Holsteins Milk House is running by a group of doctor who step up from their medical life into a young entrepreneur. In a rush for a natural Fresh Milk? No need to be worry, Holsteins Milk House does takeouts too.

Holsteins Milk House
Gandaria I No. 58
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Price Range: IDR 20K - IDR 35K / Pax
Operational Hours:
3.00pm - 11.00pm (Tueday - Friday)
9.00am - 11.00pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Closed on Monday


Friday, November 27, 2015

Pancious - Blogger Menu Launching!

Pancious is undoubtedly one of the most familiar hotspots by youngsters nowadays. It's not really surprising at all, well known with their classical interior and comfort atmosphere donning the whole area. Started around 2007 in the market, Pancious still continues being relevant and fresh for every customers who are looking for nice and prestigious western cuisine. But during this time, Pancious just launched a lot of menu choices selected by the Food & Fashion Blogger. To be honest, it's all looks so unique and most of them absolutely MUST TRY. Scroll down for more details folks!

I do love the white decoration on every corner of their restaurant and the rundown of the event seems works really well to entertain every invitees who comes into this event. On the first session, they just introduced every bloggers who are in charge for choosing and preparing every new menu also it's a time for meet and greet with them. On the second part, Pancious also spreading their love by joining the charity program for orphanage. Good to know that!

Spicy Beef Vietnamese Burger (IDR 89K)
Pretty tasty, but not really juicy. That's the main point of this dish. A combination between beef patty with homemade Vietnamese toppings seems works really well on my mouth, but to be honest they just cooked that meat in the wrong way. It's totally dry on the outside and not really moist on the inside. I can feel that they used a lot of seasonings for it and for me it's absolutely tasty. But for the texture, they need to know this.

Snapper & Anchovies Pasta (IDR 78K)
It's absolutely YUMMY! The pasta is cooked perfectly which called Al - Dante and the seasonings it's just right. I do love the whole flavour of this dish also the main texture of it. A big potential has been reveal by this dish, and that's mean you must taste it!

Black Prawn Pasta (IDR 78K)
All the good things from the sea black ink pasta cooked with sliced chili and juicy fresh prawn definitely taste good. I do love the whole spices inside of it and the pasta taste quite nice for sure. Actually they just missing one thing here which is the texture of that pasta. I couldn't find the Al - Dante sensation, so yes probably it's overcooked. Despite the fact that the pasta has lost their outstanding texture, that stunning prawn on top definitely entertaining for sure. It's absolutely juicy and fresh. 

Crispy Bacon & Garlic Pasta (IDR 60K)
Less is MORE! A perfectly cooked pasta served with beef bacon and some bits of garlic totally wonderful. I couldn't agree more when they put a lot of beef bacon on this dish, because that ingredients has boost up the whole flavour of it. Also a lot of garlic has dominate the whole flavour of this dish. Then when it comes to your mouth, i bet you can feel the richness of garlic flavour mixed up with the tastiness of beef bacon. Great idea!

Truffle Omelette (IDR 62K)
All time favourite omelette with truffle, shimeji mushroom, champignon and cheddar inside could be your right meal all the time. Yes, i do agree if you say it looks so simple and minimalist. But you couldn't judge this dish by it's cover until you taste it. It's pretty satisfying in terms of flavour and texture. The egg is taste nicely while the whole ingredients seems to be explode and melt on your mouth. MUST TRY!

Banana Rum Raisin (P: IDR 43K, C: IDR 53K)
A generous raisin and sliced banana over rum sauce served with charcoal waffle and vanilla ice cream definitely magnificent! To be honest, the waffle has the right texture which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Also the vanilla ice cream on top of it has boost up the sweetness level of this dessert. In the same time, probably a slice of banana doesn't improve the whole flavour significantly, but it does looks beautiful on top of that waffle. First bite of it, you gonna like this dessert. Second bite and the rest of it, you gonna ASK FOR MORE!

Overall, i do enjoy every single things that they provide me here. Probably it's not the best one, but there's a lot of potential behind every single dish that they provide you here. Make sure you won't missed this seasonal menu folks. Let's try!

Plaza Indonesia Lt. 5
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
RSVP: (021) 390 68 17
Price Range: IDR 75K - IDR 100K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1/15 Coffee - Nominated as the BEST Coffee Shop in Jakarta! (Based on traffic)

One fifteenth Coffee, is one of my favourite coffee joint in Jakarta. They have a pretty cool interior design with a lot of humble barista and a high - standard cup of coffee. Actually they already open since mid 2013 and now has been awarded with so many achievements. So with this kind of reputation, i bet it wouldn't be disappointed you and your folks. 

Any type of brewing method is available here. Either V60, Coffee cone, French press, Aero press, or another method of manual brew to makes the best cup of your coffee, could be your decision. Also no need to be for any kind of method that you choose, because the barista who is in charge to make it has been trained for more than 6 months to make it qualified enough. Actually manual brew is taste more strong and bold rather than auto brew which is taste more light and simple.

Banana Cake
I'm a big fan of Banana Cake, so that's why i'm a little bit picky when it comes to this. Actually the banana cake that they served here taste more dense and not - too - sweet. I do love the thickness of it and a small chop of butter on the side seems to be matched with that banana cake. Maybe the price is quiet expensive, but it's all worth to pay.

Cappucino (IDR 40K)
If you are a big fan of coffee and looking for the right flavour & composition of cappuccino, i think this coffee shop would be your right answer. No more doubt to say, the cappuccino that they served here is the BEST one in downtown so far. It's pretty strong, intense, high level of acidity and fruity as well. Basically it's all comes from the coffee bean itself which is distributed by Morph Coffee. The gorgeous latte art also has been added into your cup of coffee, just in case you need to take a good photos of it (Since i do this every single time). Must try!

I heard a lot of good reviews for this place and it's not surprise me at all because i've been here for more than 3 times and none of them is dropped out my mood. Maybe i need a plan to visit this spot once again or maybe twice in the next few days. See ya!

1/15 Coffee
Jl. Gandaria 1 No. 63
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12130
RSVP: (021) 722 56 78
Price Estimate: IDR 50K / Pax
Operational Hours:
07.00am - 09.00pm (Everyday)


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Olivier Jakarta - Fine Establishment of French Culture in Mid 2015!

Located strategically at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, taking over the half space of Mad For Garlic Jakarta, Olivier Jakarta is a brand new concept from Union Groups which is just launched a few months ago. They are probably a new comer in downtown but surprisingly they can dominate the social media platform with their international cuisine and lovely ambience. Characterized with a cozy and comfort atmosphere on the outdoor section and warmth ambience on the indoor section, this new place absolutely deserve your kind attention for sure.  

Risotto with sauteed squid and crunchy pork skin (IDR 98K)
This one absolutely BRILLIANT! A nicely cooked risotto served with dry squid and a chop of crunchy pork skin could be my favourite dish for sure. I do agree if you say it looks so fancy. But to be honest, it's totally satisfying in terms of flavour and texture. The flavour has been dominate by the golden brown sauce which is quiet salty and totally tasty. Also the texture of that risotto it's just perfect, not too creamy and ricey. It's totally worth to pay this dish twice!

Mango Doumo (IDR 58K)
If you are looking for something sweets, then Mango Doumo should be your right answer folks. A wonderful mango infused flavour cake served with a splash of rough coconut definitely taste amazing. Actually it's not really sweet, but the whole flavour of this dessert could be enjoyable for a while. 

Olivier Jakarta has managed to served wonderful French cuisine all over the time. They have a very gorgeous ambience and it feels so natural whenever people comes in. It would be an eye - catching experience for Jakartans who have yet taste and find French cuisine in the right way. 

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (Lobby Arjuna Lt. GF)
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1
RSVP: (021) 235 81 242
Price Estimate: IDR 175K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 12.00am (Sunday - Thursday)
10.00am - 02.00am (Friday & Saturday)


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nomz Kitchen & Pastry - Communal Table 01

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is one of my favourite destination in Jakarta. Packed with fancy cafe or restaurants, local store, gorgeous fashion boutiques, make up store and many more. Actually when i have plenty of free time during weekdays or even weekend, this area would be my choice for sure. Then, if you walk around Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, you'll find a new comer cafe in their area called Nomz Kitchen & Pastry. A place for those who are looking for international and local cuisine fused by nice ambience as well. By the way, they just have a new executive chef who is graduated from Australia called Chef Ferry Jong. He is a man behind every savoury dishes here. Also for the sweets, it's all handled by Chef Kim Pangestu, the expert of desserts. So, here is the full review for all of it. Let's take a look!

Having this kind of view every single time could lifting up your mood for sure. I do love the rustic concept and warmth atmosphere on this area. Also a simple accessories, like: glass of flower, a rack of book, short stairs and many more has been added into this area, in case to entertain your eyes for a while. When the night is getting older, this wonderful cafe has turned to be more cozy & dark. 

Fire Prawn with Nam Prik (IDR 65K)
This light bites absolutely entertain me for a while. A small prawn that cooked perfectly and covered with a thin layer of flour simply taste delicious. Maybe it looks so minimalist, but to be honest, i do like this. 

Mentaiko Grill Prawn (IDR 125K)
Such a great appetizer for all day long. The king prawn was cooked perfectly and technically the mentaiko sauce is pretty satisfying in terms of flavour & texture. A simple plate of this would't disappointed you folks!

Nomz Grilled Chicken Burger (IDR 95K)
A superior big burger featuring grill chicken, cos lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, and guacamole definitely DAYUM! I can feel they used a lot of seasonings on this burger and the complexity of every ingredients create a great flavour and whole texture of it. Also a simple french fries on the side simply entertain you while having this big patty for sure. Great idea and the presentation absolutely good!

Beef Ssamjang Burger (IDR 110K)
If you like beef, then you will go with this! A marinated wallumba grain - fed beef mixed with sambaing mayo, cos lettuce, and slice onion simply delicious. The beef is quiet satisfying in terms of the texture, but to be honest it taste pretty dry on the outside and juicy on the inside. Despite the fact that slice onion is too much, i could tell you here the whole flavour of this dish seems to be standard. I do recommend you the previous burger rather than this one. But if you love korean food and need to find something unique for your meal, i think this burger is your right decision for a while.

Asian Pork Rice (IDR 110K)
Best of THE BEST! I totally recommend you to try this folks. No more doubt to say, the Asian Pork Rice is deserved your kind attention all the time. Look at that meat. A perfectly cooked pork belly slices with soy glaze and fried egg on jasmine rice absolutely taste wonderful. I do love the main flavour and whole texture of that pork belly. It's totally juicy, little bit chewy and tasty for sure. Despite the fact that jasmine rice is too much to be served with that pork belly, i think every people who try this dish once, gonna ask for more.

Spaghetti Vongole (IDR 125K)
A combination between spaghetti with vongole, garlic, onion, chill, dash of white wine and parsley taste quiet good for some of my foodie friends, but not for me. For me the garlic flavour is over - power, it just dominate the whole flavour of this dish. Beside that a chop of chili on that pasta is not really suitable for sure. It could be very spicy for those who are ignoring any kind of chili or spicy sauce. Would be skip this for a while.

Brisket Sambal Bawang with Garlic Butter Rice (IDR 110K)
Actually this dish consist of beef brisket, samba bawang, garlic butter rice, and garlic chicken. The beef brisket taste quiet nice, i do love how they add a rich seasoning on it just in case to make it more tasty and delicious. On the other side, that crackers seems to be too much for me and it doesn't really help to decorate this dish. But for Jakarta citizens, i think they gonna love every single dish that served with a lot of crackers. Since they couldn't leave crackers and rice for sure.

Black Sticky Rice & Cheese Cake (IDR 55K)
MUST TRY FOLKS! This is one of my favourite dessert in Jakarta and only this place who served this. The layer seems to be structured and a lovely cream cheese is a good things to balanced the whole flavour of it. I do love the simple presentation and a wonderful flavour of this dessert. Gonna come back for more!

Caterpillar (IDR 48K)
If you love chocolate, then you should go with this. A combination between dark chocolate and chocolate mousse seems to be quiet good for a while. I do love the original flavour of the dark chocolate and to be honest it taste so sweet. For those who are searching for some high sugar treats, i bet this dessert could be your right answer.

Snow White (IDR 40K)
It was pretty decent for sure! I do love the unique presentation and simple flavour of it. The cookie base is a brilliant idea here just to create a good texture of it, while the sweet topping dominate the whole flavour of it. 

Overall,every single dish that they served here is pretty satisfying! I do enjoy every single dish here (Ignore the pasta) and mingle with my foodie fellas was a great experience for sure. Make sure you won't missed it folks!

Nomz Kitchen & Pastry
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jl. MH Thamrin
Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 235 81 211
Price Range: IDR 75K - IDR 150K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Intro Jazz Bistro & Cafe - A cozy place to chill and relax for a while!

Strolling around Tangerang area last week and surprisingly i found this cozy yet fancy cafe called Intro Jazz Bistro. If you are sick with Jakarta traffic and overrated fancy cafe, actually this place could be your right destination for a day trip. It can be assessed 10 minutes walk from Giant Supermarket BSD City or 45 minutes using car from Alam Sutera high way access. I know it's quiet far to reach out from Jakarta. But if you have enough free time, feel free to visit this place folks!

This place is characterised by live music performance along with many collection of jazz artists photography. Classic interior along with the wooden furnishings is the biggest part of this area. Somehow it feels so relaxing to have a sit around this area, watching some live music performance by the musician while eating some good dishes as well. Also for those who are looking for high - speed internet access at some cafe around Tangerang, i think this spot should be your right decision to choose.

Popcorn Chicken (IDR 35K)
I'll start with the light bites called Popcorn Chicken. Actually this dish has been impressed me for a while because the flavour and whole texture of it seems to be pretty satisfying somehow and i do enjoyed every single bites of it. The chicken is covered by not - so - thick breadcrumb layer and it's all cooked nicely. The crunchiness texture is stay on the outside and a juicy layer of that meat also stay on the inside. I can feel they only put a simple seasonings for this light bites, but overall it works really great on my mouth.

Salmon Teriyaki (IDR 85K)
This dish consist of good quality of salmon served with sautéed vegetables, teriyaki sauce and mashed potato. Actually the salmon is taste quiet good, i can feel they has been cooked it the right way. But unfortunately it's too dry on the inside and i couldn't find the moist layer of that salmon. Also the vegetables seems to be so heavy, it's all cut in to big slices and that mashed potato seems to be so creamy and less tasty. Actually they said this dish is a part of their signature dishes collection. But to be honest, they all wrong to recommend me this. I could say it taste not really good at all, and the last thing is that presentation also really messy for me.

If you are looking for latest cafe in Tangerang or even BSD City with high - speed internet access and cool live music performance, i think this place should be your right answer for sure. But if you ask me how about the food, for me it's all taste standard and less tasty. 

Intro Jazz Bistro & Cafe
Sunburst CBD LOT II/18C
BSD City, Tangerang
RSVP: (021) 222 30 394
Price Estimate: IDR 100K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Sunday - Thursday)
10.00am - 12.00am (Friday & Saturday)


Friday, November 6, 2015

Hause Rooftop - One of the BEST ROOFTOP in JAKARTA!

Jakarta is wonderful and full of cafe. Since early of 2014 there are so many cafe has comes in to Jakarta and most of them is unique also colourful. As the person who love cafe and coffee, me recently just checked out this wonderful cafe which is just opened by the early of October 2015 called Hause Rooftop. A premium and colourful cafe located at the 6th floor of MD Building. Looking for more details? Here is the clue!

This place is totally spark my eyes for a while. There are a lot of flowery things here, a rack of book, a wonderful mini - bar also a side for cold beverage. Actually the indoor area was pretty decent, it's  full of air conditioner, packed with super fast wi - fi, also there are a cool mini - bar right there. Then if you walk a little further into the outdoor area, you'll see a lot of flowery things, wooden furniture and the downtown view for sure. To be honest, i really love how they create a different ambience between the indoor and outdoor area. It feels like enjoying a two different place at the same moment. Gorgeous!

Mushroom Burger (IDR 70K)
Actually this dish is dedicated for those who are VEGAN. But either you are vegan or not, i bet you gonna love this dish so damn much whenever you try it once or twice! The burger bun is supplied by Burgrens (If you know Burgrens, they are a part of healthy restaurants who create a healthy and delicious product) and the meat is comes from granola. I know it sounds really weird to heard that meat comes from granola and any other healthy ingredients as well. Well, to be honest it was taste really GREAT so far! I do love the whole flavour and the main texture of it. Pretty satisfying for a while.

Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce and Pork Bacon (IDR 85K)
What a STUNNING dish! I think not every people in Jakarta is really familiar with Gnocchi. Basically Gnocchi is a soft dough dumplings with various thick as well. It taste pretty similar with ravioli, but ravioli is full of filling on the inside and gnocchi is empty. So, gnocchi is a part of pasta for sure. Back to the topic here, actually the gnocchi that they served here is taste really great. I do love the main flavour of it, which is comes from the tomato sauce. It's simply tasty and rich of flavour. Also the pork bacon taste really nice. I do love the crispiness of it and a slim texture of it. My favourite!

Cappucino (IDR 35K)
Basically the coffee beans that they used here is supplied by Giyanti Coffee Roastery to support local product. Well, no more doubt to say, it taste really nice. I do love a simple presentation of it. Especially a cute latte art on top seems work really well to entertain me for a while. Good choice!

Overall, i completely love the serenity and quietness of this cafe; like nothing else gonna bothering me for a while. It was the sign of great cafe i've been try so far. Probably gonna come back for more with my loved ones. 

Hause Rooftop
MD Place Building (Lt. 6)
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
RSVP: (021) 295 29 852
Price Estimate: IDR 100K - IDR 150K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 12.00am (Everyday)