Sunday, October 25, 2015

What to EAT on BAZAAR?

Bazaar is absolutely become a current trends in F&B Industry especially in Jakarta. Mostly every single week, they are a lot variety of bazaar hosted by different event organizer. And guess what? Surprisingly for every bazaar that i've been attend until now, there are more than 15 food stalls that you could taste for a while. Maybe it sounds so big, but to be honest there are just a few food stalls that deserve your kind attention folks. So, which one? No need to be worry. Let me guide you here!

1. Dogkyo

Bakuhotsu (IDR 40K)

Dogkyo Magnitude (IDR 40K)

These type of hotdogs is definitely the best on bazaar. It's not only huge from the size, but the flavour is also big. The sausage is freshly cooked every time you order it and it's simply taste crunchy and juicy. On the other hand, a lot of additional topping on top definitely wonderful. I totally recommend you the Dokgyo Magnitude. A nicely cooked sausage mixed with tonkatsu sauce, japanese mayo, buttered corn, and katsuobushi. Get ready to be messy with this!

2. Gordon

Any variant donuts (IDR 15K / piece)
Whenever you feel bad about your day, i think this donuts could be your best companion to cheer you up for a while. The donuts itself is so freh, they just cooked it by request and the additional topping would be covered in front of your eyes. No more doubt to say, it's simply great (Whenever it sounds freakin expensive to say),

3. House Of Potato

BBQ with Cheesy Mayo
Who's up for French Fries? I think everyone gonna love this. A beautifully cooked french fries mixed with BBQ sauce and topped with cheesy mayo definitely DAYUM. Basically it looks so simple, but behind this kind of presentation there are a lot of potential to be discover folks.

4. Chick In Cup

Korean Original Red Sauce 
A new flavour from Chick In Cup definitely must try. The sauce is simply thick and super tasty. I won't lie to you here, it's quiet similar with Kkuldak but somehow it taste different. They gonna served the chicken with rice or fries. Just choose which one do you want and put your order on their booth. 

5. Bakmi Endut

Special - Campur
It's noodle time! Basically there a lot of booth on bazaar who offer me their type of noodle, but this noodle just attract me for a while. Yes, my friends do recommend me to taste it. Won't lie to you, this noodle is not really good at all. I don't know why, my friends of mine have this type of noodle in a very nice way, but my one taste really horrible. Maybe they just forget to put some seasonings on it, and the noodle is totally dry. They need to fixed it (My friends order this and it taste superb good, that's mean it's not consistent at all).

6. Leafbar

Pink October
Start off your day by having a healthy yet delicious cold press juice by Leafbar. Basically it looks really cool with a glassy bottle of it and don't know why i, the pink colour of it totally attract my eyes for a while (Especially when it's chilled). Well, if you ask me how about the flavour of it. To be honest, it's surprisingly taste so damn good! The juice is so fresh, and if you know they can mixed 5 different fruits into one bottle just to create a KING flavour for you folks. Definitely your right choice to be happy and healthy!

7. Kokonat

Halloween Special Edition
It's October already, and that's mean Halloween is here. A freshly coconut water infused by orange jelly it's totally refreshing. I do love how they packed it nicely and the taste of their product definitely great. Noted!

Well, i already taste more than 25 food stalls from any kind of bazaar until now and to be honest here is the top 7 to be taste for a while. It's all looks unique and sometimes the only weakness from every booth here is located on the consistency of their product. Just keep focus on creating a good product and every customer will came back for more. Let's try folks!



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