Thursday, October 1, 2015

Publik Markette - Sunday Brunch Menu Launching!

You might have seen about my recent review for Publik Markette - last but not least, today i want to share you my dining highlights from the latest preview of Sunday Brunch Menu at Publik Markette. Whether you are looking for fancy or even extraordinary afternoon dining experience during weekend, this place absolutely your right choice folks. If you haven't ventured here before, this is your right time to start with the new one. Let's take a look folks!

We were welcomed by fancy table setting and warm hospitality as well. The neat interior design with gold tones makes it an exclusive cafe for a superb comforting meal. I bet you gonna love this folks!

Southeast Asian Benedict, with Soft Shell crab & homemade chili sauce
For the starter, here is Southeast Asian Benedict. Basically the egg benedict as the main highlights of this dish taste really great and have a lovely - melting texture. Along with that the soft shell crab was surprisingly taste so damn delicious. It's totally crispy on the outside and tasty on the inside. I can feel they use a lot of seasoning to cooked this dish. A simple and huge presentation like this never failed to cheer me up!

Fritaffle, with Poached Egg
Honestly, i really love this dish so damn much! The poached egg is totally entertaining and simply boost up the whole flavour of this dish while the waffle seems work really great on my mouth. Actually that waffle was just the right amount of crispy, buttery, and soft as well. The bacon is not really dominant during this time, but the presentation would be more beautiful because of this. 

Summer Super Bowl
Who's up for granola and berries? Me of course! I really love how the yoghurt create a sweet little flavour while the berries seems dominate all the flavour of this dish. The granola itself is totally fresh and crunchy, i can feel it comes from high quality ingredients just because the taste was really nice. Along with that a caramelised peer on top of it, absolutely BRILLIANT! I couldn't wait to see your face when taste this. Make sure you won't missed this!

Lord of Bacon
Moving on to the main course, Lord of Bacon is absolutely amazing. A combination between ham, crispy pork belly, spam, and arnold sauce with fried egg definitely taste right. Maybe it looks so horribly huge, but believe me guys whenever you taste it, all of the negative feelings will fly away and suddenly changed into a positive one. Make sure in the very first bite, you could enjoy every single layer so damn much!

Jucy Lucy
Could you imagine a minimalist presentation of burger would be taste so damn GREAT? Well, you must try this. A 180gr Black Angus Burger with double cheese stuffing, bacon & seasoned fries absolutely wonderful. The beef is totally juicy and tender. Some simple seasoning like salt and pepper has been added to that beef to make it more tasty and uncommon. Especially that bun seems really soft and buttery, which is up to the standard. My current favourite!

Monkey Business
You wouldn't leave this place without trying this signature desserts called Monkey Business. A high quality cheese waffle served with peanut butter ice cream, chocolate topping and banana definitely wonderful. The waffle was buttery and crispy on the outside, it's totally different like i've ever tasted before. The rich topping on top of that waffle is evident, somehow i really love they used a fresh banana together with chocolate topping to make it sweeter. Must try!

Overall, for what i saw and i tasted here absolutely wonderful. A new comers for Publik Markette menu is definitely worth to try and somehow it taste more great than the usual one. For those who are curious to find it, simply plan a visit to this place whenever you are free. 

Publik Markette
Central Department Store East Mall - Ground Floor
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) - 23581281 / (021) - 23581282
Price Range: IDR 80K - IDR 200K / Pax
Operational Hours: 
11.30am - 14.30pm (Lunch Time)
15.00pm - 17.00pm (Ala Carte Hours)
18.00pm - 21.30pm (Dinner)
Dresscode: Casual & Sporty



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