Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ommahomemade - Premium Crispy Potato

Cracker is essential now a days. When you have nothing to do, probably you gonna go with many dvd's along with the cracker as well. Especially for Indonesian citizens, they couldn't eat their meal without cracker. Like Nasi Uduk, Nasi Kuning or even Nasi Goreng, sometimes many restaurants could served it with any type of cracker. That's why if you live in Indonesia, you gonna find a lot variant of crackers and mostly it's all unique. But lately i just feel lazy to taste a common cracker with  boring flavour and for me it's quiet hard to find another option for that category. But when my friend offer me this product and ask me to taste it, i don't know why it's totally interesting for me. And guess what? When i taste this, it's totally delicious and crispy. I couldn't lie to you here, this product absolutely deserve your attention folks. Check this out!

Ommahomemade Crispy Potato 
(*available in two different flavour: shrimp & spicy shrimp*)
A beautiful and wonderful potato cracker by Ommahomemade definitely must try. This cracker definitely attract me for a while because the packaging of it is so nice also the flavour & the texture of this cracker, it's just perfect. I really love the crispness level of it and i can feel a right amount of seasoning has been added into this cracker to make it tasty also delicious. Actually this crispy potato is quiet salty, so mostly many restaurants who used this product probably served it with another menu like Nasi Goreng, Nasi Kuning, or even Bakso Ayam.

Nasi Uduk (*using Ommahomemade Crispy Potato*)
Basically if you paired this product with any type of meal, it could be suitable enough in your mouth. Because the crispy potato is quiet salty and totally tasty, so whenever it comes with any typical Indonesian dishes like this it supposed to be a great side dish or even a right topping just to make it more flavory and great. 

No more doubt to say, this product absolutely my favourite. I could eat two package of it just by myself during this time (Since i do a review for this product, suddenly i feel craving for it). And for your info, actually Ommahomemade crispy potato have two different sizes which is regular and large.   So, make sure think twice before order it. Because it's totally addicting! 

Ommahomade Crispy Potato
"Original Secret Recipe"
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