Thursday, October 15, 2015

Nishimura - Kanpai Night Set Menu (October 2015 Promotion)

For the biggest fans of Japanese cuisine, here is definitely your right place to enjoy a nice and sparkling Japanese dishes followed by suitable cold beer at Nishimura by Shangrila Hotel, Jakarta. During this month, they have an early October Promotion called Kanpai Night Set Menu which is a set menu of 7 wonderful Japanese dishes paired with Starks Beer. This set menu will be starts from the starters and would be finish until desserts. So, your tummy should be very full after having this wonderful treats. Kinda curious? Here is the truth!

Cheese Tofu Tomato Salad
A minimalist yet wonderful starters called Cheese Tofu Tomato Salad is absolutely STUNNING. I wouldn't lie to you, that tofu seems to be like a cube of soft cheese. The tofu has a very right texture which is soft and airy, and whenever you bite it a smell and flavour of cheese gonna explode in your mouth. That tomato seems to be like a dressing, but it's quiet good to be paired with the tofu. 4 cubes seems not enough. DAYUM!

Maguro Tataki Carpaccio
Move on to another starters, Maguro Tataki Carpaccio seems to be a very light dish. A thin - sliced torch-grilled Tuna served in Carpaccio Style have a wonderful fresh and salty little flavour. I can feel the tuna was up - standard and the simple dressing on top was spectacular. They served this with a sauce which is a combination of soyu and soy sauce. Wonderful!

Shiromi Sakana Yasai Wafu Cream
A white fish served with Vegetable in Japanese Chowder. Basically the secret behind this dish is located on that fish. The fish is being covered by a layer of crispness on the outside and soft layer on the inside. I can feel it here, the fish has been seasoned really well and the wafu cream seems to be dense and sticky. A right amount of vegetables which is carrot and potato has been added into this dish just for make it more complex than before. Simply great!

Miko Tsuke Gyuniku Foie Gras Soe
Grilled Beef marinated with Miso and served with Foie Gras is absolutely wonderful. One things that they missed here is located on that beef. The beef seems to be hard and quiet dry for a while. But, the foie gras is totally juicy and tasty. I can feel they used a lot of seasonings on it and they just cooked it nicely. 

Saikoro Salmon Katsu Sanmi Sauce 
If you are a big fan of fritters, then Saikoro Salmon Katsu Sanmi Sauce seems suitable with you folks. A deep - fried Salmon Katsu with three kinds of sauce definitely deserve your attention. Techincally the salmon was cooked perfectly and that golden brown layer on the outside absolutely crispy and crunchy. I just love how they presented this in a very minimalist way. Lovely!

Gyu Yakiniku Rice Burger
Could you imagine a burger without a bun? Well, don't worry guys! I think a rounded fried - rice could replace that bun position on the burger. And guess what, it's surprisingly taste really nice! The beef is absolutely juicy and tender, while on the other side i could tell you here it's absolutely rich of flavour. The vegetable seems really fresh and a simple dressing using mayo and caramelised onion works really well to boost up the whole flavour of this dish. They'll never failed to impress me with this!

Nishimura Mango Pudding
Last but not least is dessert. Nishimura Mango Pudding taste quiet nice, but overall it's too sweet for me. The mango pudding is quiet dense and need to be more smooth actually. Also the red bean paste on the side is overpower on the flavour. So when you combine it together, the red bean paste gonna dominate the whole flavour of this dish. 

3 Bottle of Starks Beer would accompany you to taste set menu of 7 wonderful Japanese dishes. Basically from 3 different kind of Starks Beer. I really love the wheat one which is taste so fruity and light while the dark wheat is too strong and over - power. I could tell you here, this promotion is absolutely worth to try. The food was amazing and the beer taste really great. Available from 1st October 2015 - 31th October 2015. Make sure you won't missed it folks. Let's try!

Kanpai Night Set Menu
IDR 495K / Pax
(*Price including: Starks Beer*)

Nishimura at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) - 29399562
Dresscode: Smart Casual
Operational Hours
11.30am - 2.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm - 10.30pm (Dinner)



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